Scorpion from Mortal Kombat Could Join MultiVersus: Here’s What We Know

Scorpion from Mortal Kombat Could Join MultiVersus: Here’s What We Know

3. July 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Fans of MultiVersus are buzzing with excitement over the potential addition of Scorpion from Mortal Kombat to the game. This speculation was ignited by a cryptic response from Ajax, the community manager at Player First Games, on Twitter. While Ajax’s reply didn’t confirm anything, it left room for hope among the game’s player base.

The Tease

The excitement began when Ajax responded to a fan-made concept of Scorpion for MultiVersus on Twitter. His enigmatic reply neither confirmed nor denied the possibility, leading to widespread speculation and anticipation.

Community Reaction


Players quickly picked up on Ajax’s response, with many taking it as a hint that Scorpion might be making his way to the game. Discussions and theories have been rampant on social media and gaming forums since the interaction.


Why Scorpion Fits in MultiVersus

MultiVersus, Warner Bros.’ answer to Nintendo’s popular Super Smash Bros., boasts a diverse roster of characters from beloved franchises. These include icons like Batman from DC Comics and Agent Smith from The Matrix.

Given that Mortal Kombat is also under the Warner Bros. umbrella, adding Scorpion to MultiVersus makes perfect sense. His inclusion would not only please fans of Mortal Kombat but also bring unique fighting mechanics to the game.

Scorpion’s fighting style and iconic moves, such as his spear attack and “Get over here!” catchphrase, would add new dynamics to MultiVersus. His abilities could provide fresh gameplay experiences and strategies for players.

MultiVersus and Its Current State

Following a successful relaunch in May for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, MultiVersus saw a peak of 114,515 concurrent players on Steam. This impressive number highlighted the game’s popularity and the potential for growth.

The Potential Impact of Scorpion’s Addition

Adding a character as iconic as Scorpion could be a strategic move to rekindle interest in MultiVersus. His popularity and unique fighting style could attract new players and bring back those who have drifted away.

Scorpion from Mortal Kombat Could Join MultiVersus: What We Know So Far

Expanding the Roster

Scorpion’s inclusion would further expand MultiVersus’ diverse roster, appealing to both Mortal Kombat fans and those who enjoy the variety of characters in the game. This move could also pave the way for more cross-franchise additions in the future.

Features and Details of Scorpion in MultiVersus

Here are some potential features and details that Scorpion could bring to MultiVersus:

  • Iconic Moves:
    • Spear Attack: Pulls opponents closer with his famous “Get over here!” catchphrase.
    • Teleport Punch: Quickly moves behind opponents to deliver a powerful punch.
    • Hellfire: Summons fire from the ground to damage enemies.
  • Special Abilities:
    • X-Ray Move: A powerful special move that deals significant damage.
    • Fatality: A finishing move unique to Mortal Kombat characters, potentially adapted for MultiVersus.
  • Visuals and Skins:
    • Classic Skin: Traditional yellow ninja outfit.
    • Alternate Skins: Variants from different Mortal Kombat games and media.

Scorpion and Sub-Zero
byu/TheBestJackson inMultiVersus


While the anticipation grows, the community eagerly awaits an official confirmation about Scorpion’s inclusion in MultiVersus. Ajax’s cryptic response has certainly stirred excitement, but only time will tell if the iconic Mortal Kombat fighter will join the fray.

For now, fans can only hope and speculate about the potential impact of Scorpion’s arrival on the game’s future.

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