SAND LAND Makes Waves on Streaming Platforms After Debut

SAND LAND Makes Waves on Streaming Platforms After Debut

6. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

SAND LAND, the highly anticipated game from renowned designer Akira Toriyama, made a significant impact on streaming platforms following its global release on April 26.

The game garnered 120,000 hours of views on its launch day, primarily on Twitch, according to Stream Hatchet data. It’s noteworthy that there were early views due to staggered release dates, with the full game initially launching in Japan on April 25, accumulating 36,000 hours viewed on that day.

Anticipation and Pre-Release Engagement

Before its official release, SAND LAND built considerable anticipation fueled by the anime adaptation earlier in March. This transmedia approach, akin to successful adaptations like Fallout, contributed to heightened excitement around the game.

Additionally, a playable demo released on April 18, one week before the full Japanese launch, attracted significant attention with 43,000 hours viewed across streaming platforms.


Influential Streamers

Notably, SAND LAND’s demo gained traction, especially from 풍월량 (Poong Wol-ryang), a prominent Korean streamer known as Chzzk, renowned for his recent success streaming Dragon’s Dogma 2.

풍월량 amassed 41,000 hours of views during a four-hour SAND LAND broadcast. Among English-speaking audiences, CohhCarnage led the charge with 30,000 hours viewed, reflecting his dedicated following for RPGs, evidenced by his popular streams of Baldur’s Gate 3.


Global Appeal and Streamer Diversity

The diversity of streaming talent covering SAND LAND underscores its global appeal. Streamers hail from Korean, English, French, Chinese, and Portuguese-speaking communities, highlighting Toriyama’s enduring popularity and influence in diverse regions.

Future Prospects

As SAND LAND continues its journey, its reception remains pivotal. The game’s potential for growth through future DLC updates promises ongoing engagement. The success of SAND LAND’s debut signifies a testament to Toriyama’s character design prowess and world-building, ensuring continued interest and exploration among players.

The coming months will reveal whether SAND LAND secures a lasting place in players’ hearts. With ample room for expansion and evolution, the gaming community eagerly awaits the next chapter in SAND LAND’s adventure.