Rocket League: G2 Stride Crowned Champions of RLCS London Major 2024

Rocket League: G2 Stride Crowned Champions of RLCS London Major 2024

24. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

G2 Stride, North America’s top Rocket League team, clinched the title at the RLCS 2024 London Major, marking a significant victory in the competitive scene. Despite not being the favorites, G2’s triumph has solidified their position as a formidable force heading into the RLCS 2024 World Championship in Texas this September.

Building North America’s Superteam

G2 Esports has been a key player in North American Rocket League since acquiring iBuyPower in 2016, the champions of RLCS Season 1. With numerous LAN wins and iconic moments, G2’s recent roster changes have elevated them to new heights.

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Key Roster Additions

In January 2022, Massimo “Atomic” Franceschi joined G2 from Team Envy, earning MVP honors at the RLCS 2022 Winter Major shortly after. The team’s fortunes took another turn in December 2024 with the acquisition of Daniel “Daniel” Piecenski and Landon “BeastMode” Konerman from Version1, champions of Gamers8.

Star Players

  • Daniel “Daniel” Piecenski: Known as “LANiel,” Daniel’s reserved demeanor and standout performances have made him a fan favorite since his time with Spacestation Gaming.
  • Landon “BeastMode” Konerman: BeastMode’s MVP performance at the RLCS London Major follows his MVP win at Gamers8 2023 with Version1.

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Coaching Legacy

Matthew “Satthew” Ackermann, the longest-standing member and coach of G2, has been instrumental in guiding the team through various roster changes. Alongside Atomic, Satthew is one of only two North Americans to win multiple RLCS LAN events.

Extending the Grand Final Streak

Heading into the London Major, G2 boasted an impressive streak of seven consecutive grand final appearances across RLCS 2024 events. Despite skepticism from other regions, G2’s performance at LANdon silenced critics.

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Dominant Performance

G2’s 4-1 victory over Team Falcons, widely considered the best team at the event, extended their grand final streak to eight. This victory also marks the first North American RLCS LAN win in two-and-a-half years, breaking the European dominance.

Looking Ahead to the RLCS 2024 World Championship

With their recent success, G2 Stride has set their sights on maintaining their top form for the upcoming RLCS 2024 World Championship. Fans and analysts alike are eager to see if G2 can continue their winning streak on the global stage.

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G2 Stride’s victory at the RLCS London Major 2024 not only cements their legacy but also sets the stage for an exciting RLCS 2024 World Championship. As the competition heats up, all eyes will be on G2 to see if they can continue their reign as North America’s premier Rocket League team.

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