FIFAe Unveils Rocket League World Cup for Nations: Everything You Need to Know

FIFAe Unveils Rocket League World Cup for Nations: Everything You Need to Know

24. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In an exciting development for the esports community, FIFAe has announced the inaugural Rocket League World Cup for nations, set to bring a fresh wave of international competition to the beloved game.

During the second major of the RLCS 2024 held in London, FIFAe revealed this groundbreaking event. The announcement was made during the pre-show on Day 4, generating immense enthusiasm among Rocket League fans.

This new tournament is set to fulfill a long-awaited dream of international competition, offering a unique platform for countries to compete on a global stage.

Event Details and Announcement Highlights

The FIFAe Rocket League World Cup will feature 16 nations, each selected based on their historical representation in previous Rocket League Majors. The announcement, made through a pre-show video and subsequently shared on social media, highlighted the innovative approach to international esports competition.

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Key Information:

  • Event: FIFAe Rocket League World Cup
  • Participants: 16 nations
  • Selection Criteria: Based on past Major representations
  • Registration: Available via FIFA.GG for more details on national qualifiers.

Christian Volk’s Vision

Christian Volk, FIFA’s director of eFootball and Gaming, shared his vision for the event, emphasizing its significance in the evolution of FIFAe’s esports ecosystem.

The FIFAe Rocket League World Cup represents a major step forward in our commitment to creating innovative and inclusive esports platforms. This partnership with Rocket League underscores our dedication to building the largest stages for competitive gaming.

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Historical Context and Previous Attempts

This announcement is particularly notable given past efforts to create a similar international competition. In 2019, the Intel World Open (IWO) was planned as a global tournament supported by the International Olympic Committee.

It aimed to feature national competitions for Rocket League and Street Fighter V, culminating in a LAN event in Tokyo alongside the 2020 Summer Olympics. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was postponed and eventually canceled.

Key Takeaways from the IWO:

  1. Global Ambition: Aimed to unite nations in competitive play.
  2. Significant Prize Pool: Promised $250,000 for each game.
  3. Pandemic Impact: Ultimately canceled due to global health crisis.

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Anticipated Impact on the Esports Scene

The FIFAe Rocket League World Cup is expected to significantly influence the esports landscape. By providing a prestigious platform for international competition, this event will elevate Rocket League’s profile and offer players a chance to showcase their skills on a global stage.

Future Prospects and What to Expect

FIFAe will soon release further details on the tournament format, prize pool, and schedule. In the meantime, players are encouraged to register on FIFA.GG to stay informed about qualification processes and updates.

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Notable Teams and Players to Watch

With the selection process based on past performances in Rocket League Majors, several notable teams and players are expected to participate. This includes seasoned veterans and rising stars who have demonstrated exceptional skill and teamwork.


As the FIFAe Rocket League World Cup approaches, fans and players should remain engaged with updates through FIFA.GG. This event promises to be a landmark moment in the history of Rocket League esports, bringing together the best teams from around the world in a celebration of competitive gaming.

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