Riot’s Pool Party: What You Need to Know About the Cancelled League of Legends Platform Fighter

Riot’s Pool Party: What You Need to Know About the Cancelled League of Legends Platform Fighter

11. July 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Riot Games, known for their groundbreaking title League of Legends, had ambitious plans to venture into the realm of platform fighting games with a project dubbed Pool Party.

This game was set to feature beloved champions from League of Legends in a format akin to the popular Super Smash Bros. series. However, reports indicate that Riot has since shelved this project, despite significant development efforts.

The Concept of Pool Party

Pool Party was envisioned as Riot’s foray into platform-based fighting games, leveraging the diverse and iconic characters from League of Legends. Inspired by the success of Super Smash Bros., the game aimed to combine fast-paced gameplay with familiar League champions, catering to both casual players and esports enthusiasts.

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Development and Cancellation

According to sources, PoolParty was under development with a dedicated team of 70 to 80 employees. However, Riot made the decision to cancel the project in May, citing concerns about its potential reception in the competitive gaming market.

This decision followed the perceived challenges faced by other crossover fighting games, such as Warner Bros.’ MultiVersus.

Market Considerations

Riot’s executives reportedly reconsidered the viability of Pool Party in a market dominated by Super Smash Bros., a franchise with a longstanding fanbase and competitive scene.

Despite Riot’s expertise in building thriving esports ecosystems with games like League of Legends and VALORANT, the company opted to focus efforts elsewhere rather than risk launching a potentially underperforming title.


Future Plans: 2XKO

While Pool Party may have been shelved, Riot remains committed to expanding its gaming portfolio with the upcoming title 2XKO. Set in the world of Runeterra, 2XKO promises a unique fighting game experience that Riot will be testing in online playtests starting August.


Although Riot’s Pool Party won’t be making a splash in the platform fighting genre, fans can still look forward to Riot’s innovative approach with 2XKO and other future projects.

As Riot Games continues to explore new horizons, the cancellation of Pool Party serves as a testament to the competitive nature of the gaming industry and the strategic decisions made to ensure long-term success.

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