New Fighter Announced for 2XKO: Braum Joins To The Roster

New Fighter Announced for 2XKO: Braum Joins To The Roster

10. July 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Riot Games continues to expand the roster of their upcoming fighting game, 2XKO, with the addition of Braum, the Heart of Freljord. This Tuesday, the developers announced Braum as the latest playable character, adding a blend of defense and offense to the game’s dynamic roster.

The Evolution of Project L to 2XKO

Initially named Project L, Riot Games has been quietly working on their League of Legends-based fighting game. Recent months have brought more information, including the official name, 2XKO. Slated for release in 2025, the game will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.


Braum’s Abilities and Role in 2XKO

Braum will make his debut in the 2XKO roster starting August 8th during the Alpha Lab period. True to his character in League of Legends, Braum’s design in 2XKO focuses on his formidable shield, allowing him to thwart enemy attacks and set up powerful combos for his allies.

Defensive Mechanics:

  • Unbreakable: When Braum successfully executes certain abilities, he gains a buff called Unbreakable, increasing the damage of his special attacks.
  • Shield-Based Freezing: Braum can freeze opponents using the magic of his shield, immobilizing them and creating openings for follow-up attacks.

Offensive Potential

While primarily a defensive character, Braum isn’t just about blocking and countering. His Unbreakable buff enhances his offensive capabilities, making him a formidable fighter in both attack and defense scenarios.

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Braum’s Role in 2v2 Battles

2XKO is designed as a 2v2 fighting game, and Braum’s protective abilities make him an ideal support character. His shield and freezing mechanics allow him to safeguard his partner, enabling them to unleash devastating attacks while he holds the line.

The Growing Roster of 2XKO

Braum joins an impressive lineup of champions already confirmed for 2XKO, including:

  • Darius
  • Ekko
  • Ahri
  • Yasuo
  • Illaoi

Each character brings unique abilities and playstyles, ensuring a diverse and strategic gameplay experience.

Prepare for the Alpha Lab Period

Fans eagerly awaiting the release of 2XKO can look forward to the Alpha Lab period starting August 8th, where they can experience Braum’s gameplay first-hand. As development continues, Riot Games promises more updates and additions to the game, making 2XKO a highly anticipated title for fighting game enthusiasts and League of Legends fans alike.

Final Toughts

Stay tuned for more updates on 2XKO and get ready to see Braum in action!