Riot Games Issues Stern Warning to Toxic Players in VALORANT: “Play Something Else, We Won’t Miss You”

Riot Games Issues Stern Warning to Toxic Players in VALORANT: “Play Something Else, We Won’t Miss You”

31. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Riot Games is intensifying its efforts to combat toxicity and voice chat abuse in VALORANT, as revealed in a recent update by studio head Anna Donlon. The message to those who can’t refrain from hateful behavior is unequivocal: leave the game.

Stronger Measures Against Toxicity

In the dev update titled “Keeping Our Community Healthy,” Donlon acknowledged that existing penalties are insufficient in effectively removing the most disruptive players from VALORANT. Riot Games is introducing new changes aimed at curbing this issue. For those persistently engaging in egregious behavior, the directive is clear: find another game.

“There’s no room in our community for the most egregious behaviors, and we’re not going to compromise,” Donlon stated. “If you need to make truly evil statements under the guise of regular ‘shit talk’ to enjoy gaming, then please play something else. We won’t miss you.”


Enhanced Penalties and New Measures

The upcoming changes include “stronger, faster penalties” for severe offenses, which will be fully implemented by the end of June. Severe offenders are defined as those who use text or voice chat to disseminate hate speech, unwanted sexual content, and threats of violence. Riot is also introducing hardware bans for the most extreme cases.

In addition to these stringent measures, Riot is increasing support for manual reviews to identify and penalize more offenders. The automated voice evaluation system will be expanded to other regions later this year.

Community Backlash and Proactive Solutions

The issue of in-game toxicity and voice chat abuse gained widespread attention when Twitch streamer Taylor Morgan shared a clip of her VALORANT teammates using offensive language. Morgan revealed that she was penalized for leaving the game after these comments were made, highlighting the flaws in the report system.

This incident sparked a crucial discussion about player behavior in VALORANT and the ineffectiveness of the reporting system, prompting Riot’s latest update. Donlon addressed the inadequate responses to Morgan’s clip, emphasizing that players should not have to tolerate threats of violence or hate speech.

“We do believe a person should not be in a position to have to grow thicker skin, or whatever other unhelpful suggestions have been thrown out there, just to avoid threats of violence or literal hate speech,” Donlon added.

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Future Plans for Proactive Solutions

While most of the new measures target offenders after incidents occur, Donlon assured that Riot is working on more “proactive” solutions to tackle the most toxic players. The company aims to create a healthier and more inclusive gaming environment for all VALORANT players.

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Riot Games’ firm stance against toxicity in VALORANT underscores its commitment to fostering a positive gaming community. By implementing tougher penalties and exploring proactive measures, Riot aims to significantly reduce disruptive behavior and ensure a better experience for all players.