100 Thieves Dominates FUT Esports in Quick Victory at Valorant Masters Shanghai

100 Thieves Dominates FUT Esports in Quick Victory at Valorant Masters Shanghai

30. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The playoffs of VCT Masters Shanghai kicked off with an electrifying matchup between 100 Thieves and FUT Esports, setting the stage for intense competition in the double elimination bracket.

Map 1: Icebox

From the onset, 100 Thieves asserted their dominance, securing the pistol round swiftly and maintaining momentum with an impressive 4K from Asuna. FUT Esports struggled to find their footing as 100T secured seven consecutive rounds effortlessly.

Despite deploying Viper’s Pit and Killjoy Lockdown, FUT failed to halt 100 Thieves’ relentless onslaught. A standout performance from eeiu solidified 100T’s lead, culminating in a commanding halftime advantage.

FUT Esports showed resilience in the second half, claiming the pistol round and attempting to rally. However, 100 Thieves quickly regained control, outmaneuvering FUT with strategic plays and securing a decisive victory on Icebox.

100T VAL 1024x683

Map 2: Bind

In a calculated exchange of rounds, 100 Thieves emerged victorious in the opening pistol round, setting the tone for the match. Displaying exceptional coordination and utility usage, 100T maintained their lead, with Cryo delivering impactful plays and securing crucial kills.

Despite FUT’s attempts to gain momentum, 100 Thieves remained in control, ultimately clinching the first half with a formidable lead.

The second half saw 100 Thieves continue their dominance, securing the pistol round and maintaining pressure on FUT. Despite a valiant effort from cNed and FUT, 100 Thieves’ coordinated pushes and strategic executions proved insurmountable.

With Cryo’s stellar performance leading the charge, 100 Thieves secured both map and series victory, advancing to the next stage of the tournament.


Next Matches

After these results, FUT Esports drops to the lower part of the bracket in the playoffs, and will have to wait to know their next opponent. With the victory, 100 Thieves, on the other hand, will face the winner of Gen.G Esports vs Fnatic, a highly attractive series.

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Final Toughts

In conclusion, 100 Thieves’ commanding performance against FUT Esports highlights their status as formidable contenders in Valorant Masters Shanghai. With their exceptional teamwork and individual skill, 100 Thieves remain a team to watch as the tournament progresses.