League of Legends: Riot Games Plans Visual Update for Miss Fortune

League of Legends: Riot Games Plans Visual Update for Miss Fortune

26. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In an exciting development for League of Legends fans, Riot Games is reportedly preparing a visual update for one of the game’s beloved champions, Miss Fortune. This comes as part of their ongoing effort to modernize the appearance of older champions and bring them up to the current visual standards of the game.

Miss Fortune’s Visual Overhaul

Miss Fortune, known for her dual pistols and fierce attitude, is set to receive a visual update that will enhance her in-game appearance and abilities. This update aims to refresh her look and make her animations more striking and contemporary.

According to a recent leak by data miners from League Of Leaks, a video was posted on Twitter showcasing the new visual effects for Miss Fortune’s abilities. The improvements are focused on making her skills more visually appealing and defined.

miss fortune battle bunny 762x

Key Changes in Miss Fortune’s Abilities

  • Double Up (Q): The bullets from this ability will now have a more noticeable size and definition, making it clearer when she strikes her targets.
  • Strut (W): The trail left behind by her movement speed boost will be more distinct, enhancing the visual feedback for players.
  • Make it Rain (E): The raindrops and area of effect will have improved clarity, making it easier for players to see and react to.
  • Bullet Time (R): The signature ultimate ability of Miss Fortune will feature larger, more defined bullet visuals, adding to the dramatic effect of her barrage attack.
  • Love Tap (Passive): The visual cue for her passive ability will also be enhanced, providing better feedback for when it is activated.

miss fortune ruined 762x

Awaiting Official Announcement

While the leak has generated significant buzz, it is important to note that Riot Games has not yet officially confirmed the visual update for Miss Fortune. The leaked video suggests that the new effects are still a work in progress, and players will need to wait for the official champion roadmap update from Riot Games for a full reveal.


The Future of League of Legends Visual Updates

This anticipated update for Miss Fortune is part of Riot Games’ broader initiative to refresh and modernize the game’s champion roster. Previous updates have included full reworks and visual overhauls for champions like Skarner and Lee Sin.

The goal is to ensure that all champions, regardless of their release date, meet the high visual and gameplay standards expected by the League of Legends community.

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Miss Fortune’s upcoming visual update is set to breathe new life into one of League of Legends’ classic champions. Fans can look forward to more visually engaging gameplay and a refreshed appearance for the Bounty Hunter. Keep an eye out for the official announcement and detailed showcase from Riot Games in the upcoming champion roadmap.

Stay tuned to League of Legends’ official channels for more updates and prepare to experience Miss Fortune like never before.