Everything You Need to Know About Swarm: League of Legends’ New Mode

Everything You Need to Know About Swarm: League of Legends’ New Mode

21. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

League of Legends is about to introduce an exciting new addition to its game modes: Swarm. Inspired by games like Vampire Survivors, this PvE (Player vs Environment) mode promises a chaotic and incredibly fun experience for players.

A New Experience in League of Legends

Swarm offers a completely different gameplay experience compared to traditional League of Legends matches. Instead of the usual PvP (Player vs Player) battles, this mode focuses on surviving endless waves of enemies. Using WASD controls for movement and constant auto-attacks, players must quickly adapt to avoid being overwhelmed by the attacking Primordians in Final City.

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The Story of Swarm

Swarm comes with a light narrative connected to the new Anima Squad skin line. Players will select one of the available Anima Squad champions to fight against the invading Primordians. These enemies grow progressively stronger, culminating in battles with Primordian bosses that are familiar faces to seasoned League players.

Chaos and Fun

This new game mode deviates from the serious nature of traditional League matches, offering a fun-filled and frenetic experience. Riot Games allowed a group of media members to test the mode at their campus, where laughter and shouts of frustration filled the air as teams tried to coordinate against the relentless enemy waves.

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Key Gameplay Elements

  • Champions and Abilities: Despite the different gameplay, Swarm retains the elements that make each champion shine. Players can expect to find items and augments that enhance their abilities, like the UwU Blaster.
  • Enemies and Obstacles: Among the enemy waves, players must watch out for obstacles like the infamous beach balls. These elements, which were a point of frustration during testing, are being adjusted by the developers to balance the difficulty.
  • Augments and Teams: Players can experiment with different augments and weapons, finding combinations that best suit their playstyle and favorite characters.

Player Impressions

The developers of Swarm mentioned that most of them tend to choose champions they already enjoy playing in the main game, suggesting that players should have no trouble adapting their favorite characters to this new mode.

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Frustrations and Adjustments

A highlight of the gameplay experience was the beach balls, which many players found difficult to dodge amidst the chaos of battle. However, the developers assured that these elements are being fine-tuned to improve the overall gameplay experience.

Expectations for the Launch

Swarm promises to be a quick and accessible game mode, with matches lasting around 20 minutes. This new mode not only offers a new way to enjoy League of Legends but also allows players to learn and adapt at their own pace.

Engaging Gameplay

The combination of different weapons, augments, and characters creates an addictive experience that leaves players wanting more. With the promise of continuous improvements and adjustments, Swarm has the potential to become a favorite among the League of Legends community.

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Swarm is set to hit the live servers of League of Legends in July, and players can’t wait to dive into this chaotic and exciting new adventure. With its focus on fun and fast-paced gameplay, Swarm is poised to offer a unique and refreshing experience in the world of Runeterra.