Riot Games Set to Nerf Iso in Valorant Patch 9.00

Riot Games Set to Nerf Iso in Valorant Patch 9.00

25. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In response to recent gameplay imbalances, Riot Games has announced that Iso, one of Valorant’s agents, will undergo significant nerfs in the upcoming Patch 9.00.

Iso’s Overpowered State Post-Update

Since the latest Valorant update, Iso has become excessively powerful, disrupting the game’s balance. The agent’s performance in ranked matches has been particularly dominant, necessitating immediate action from Riot Games to ensure fair play.

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Major Updates and Meta Shifts

Valorant has been buzzing with new content, including the launch of its console version in Closed Beta and the introduction of a new map, Abyss. Alongside these additions, Patch 8.11, dubbed the “Duelists Patch,” brought substantial changes to the meta, focusing mainly on duelists. While many agents saw positive tweaks, Iso’s enhancements turned out to be over the top.

Riot’s Planned Nerfs for Iso

To curb Iso’s dominance, Riot Games has outlined several nerfs aimed at reducing his effectiveness in matches. These changes, scheduled for Patch 9.00, include:

  • Double Tap (E):
    • No longer resets duration after securing two kills.
    • Duration reduced from 20 seconds to 12 seconds.

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Developer’s Perspective

Riot Games’ designer, Penguin, explained that the purpose of these nerfs is to allow players better opportunities to evade Iso’s engagements when his Double Tap ability is active. By shortening the duration and eliminating the reset mechanism, Riot aims to create a more balanced gameplay experience.

Impact on Gameplay

The upcoming changes are expected to significantly tone down Iso’s overpowering presence, restoring competitive balance. These adjustments are part of Riot’s ongoing efforts to fine-tune agent abilities based on community feedback and gameplay data.

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Console Release Timeline

While PC players can expect these nerfs in Patch 9.00, console players will see the changes implemented slightly later, in version 9.01, due to additional testing and optimization required for the console platform.


Riot Games’ decision to nerf Iso highlights their commitment to maintaining a balanced and competitive environment in Valorant. Players can look forward to these changes in the next patch, which promises to bring a more fair and engaging gameplay experience.

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