Valorant Premier Episode 9 Act 1: Everything You Need to Know

Valorant Premier Episode 9 Act 1: Everything You Need to Know

22. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Valorant Premier is gearing up for Episode 9 Act 1, and players are eager to dive into the competitive action with the newly announced schedule.

Developed by Riot Games, Valorant Premier has been a cornerstone for aspiring esports professionals, offering a direct pathway into the prestigious VCT Challengers series. Each new Act brings fresh challenges and opportunities for teams to showcase their skills on a global stage.

What’s New in Episode 9 Act 1?

Episode 9 Act 1 of Valorant Premier introduces several updates aimed at enhancing the competitive experience:

  • Launch of the Invite Division: This new division provides players with the chance to qualify for the Challengers League, setting the stage for intense competition and career advancement within the Valorant ecosystem.
  • Contender Eligibility: Only players eligible for Contender status can join teams competing in the Contender or Invite tiers, ensuring fair play and maintaining the competitive integrity of the league.
  • Revised Match Structure: Teams will face off in scheduled matches twice a week, with the matchmaking queue opening 15 minutes prior to each session. This streamlined approach aims to maximize playing time while minimizing downtime between matches.
  • Enhanced Protocols: Strict rematch protection ensures that matches proceed smoothly, with provisions in place to handle instances where a match cannot be completed as scheduled. Teams will also earn zero points for losses, emphasizing the importance of consistent performance throughout the Act.

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Valorant Premier Episode 9 Act 1 Schedule

Prepare your team for the upcoming challenges of Valorant Premier Episode 9 Act 1. Here’s the detailed schedule to mark on your calendar:

  • Week 1: June 27 – 30 on Lotus
  • Week 2: July 3 – 7 on Bind
  • Week 3: July 10 – 14 on Haven
  • Week 4: July 17 – 21 on Icebox
  • Week 5: July 24 – 28 on Sunset
  • Week 6: July 31 – August 4 on Abyss
  • Week 7: August 7 – 10 on Ascent
  • Playoff Tournament: August 11

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Why Participate in Valorant Premier Episode 9 Act 1?

Episode 9 Act 1 marks the beginning of a new chapter in Valorant Premier, offering players the opportunity to prove their mettle and climb the ranks towards professional esports glory. With a structured schedule and clear progression pathways, teams can focus on honing their strategies and skills to compete at the highest level.

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Final Toughts

Prepare your team for Valorant Premier Episode 9 Act 1 by reviewing the schedule and ensuring all members are ready for the challenges ahead. Stay updated on match times and be proactive in coordinating strategies to maximize your chances of success in the Playoff Tournament on August 11.