Riot Games Cancels League of Legends Wild Rift Console Launch: Reasons Behind the Decision

Riot Games Cancels League of Legends Wild Rift Console Launch: Reasons Behind the Decision

19. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Riot Games has decided not to proceed with the anticipated console release of League of Legends: Wild Rift, as announced by David Xu, also known as Papa Smoothie, the Executive Producer of Wild Rift at Riot Games. This decision comes nearly five years after the mobile version’s initial launch.

Executive Decision by Papa Smoothie

In a recent update, Papa Smoothie clarified the company’s stance on Wild Rift’s console debut. “I wanted to officially let y’all know that we’re not pursuing a console launch at this moment,” he stated. The decision was attributed to Riot’s strategic prioritization of investments in the mobile gaming sector, including upcoming releases like VALORANT and 2XKO.

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Focus on Mobile Platforms

Explaining further, PapaSmoothie emphasizedRiot’scommitment to matching games with platforms where they are most popular. While titles such as VALORANT and 2XKO have found success on consoles due to their respective genres’ popularity, the MOBA genre, represented by Wild Rift, hasn’t seen a similar demand on consoles.

Therefore, Riot chose to concentrate its development resources solely on enhancing the mobile experience rather than dividing attention between mobile and console platforms.

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MOBA Genre on Consoles

Currently, there is a dearth of widely popular MOBAs available on consoles. Arena of Valor, previously known as Honor of Kings, had a brief presence on the Nintendo Switch before support was discontinued. Predecessor, another MOBA, is attempting to fill this gap in the market by targeting modern console platforms.

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Future Improvements for Wild Rift

Despite the console cancellation, Riot remains dedicated to enhancing the Wild Rift experience for existing players. Short-term goals include improvements to matchmaking, queue times, and game balance. Long-term plans involve addressing fundamental mobile user experiences such as login processes, download speeds, and network stability.

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Final Toughts

Interestingly, despite the decision, the official League of Legends Wild Rift website still indicates “coming soon to consoles,” suggesting that Riot’s plans may evolve in the future.