Problems at Riot? Vanguard Causes New Wave of Disconnections in LoL and Valorant

Problems at Riot? Vanguard Causes New Wave of Disconnections in LoL and Valorant

19. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Riot Games faces a storm of criticism due to Vanguard’s VAN 84 error, preventing players from connecting to Valorant and League of Legends.

Riot Under Fire: Vanguard’s VAN 84 Error

For weeks, Riot Games has faced backlash from the community over its anti-cheat software, Vanguard. Initially introduced to Valorant with some success, Vanguard has now been added to League of Legends (LoL) in patch 14.9, leading to widespread connection issues and player dissatisfaction.

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The Rollout and Immediate Backlash

When Riot Games first implemented Vanguard in Valorant, the response was generally positive, with many appreciating the enhanced anti-cheat measures. However, the integration of Vanguard into League of Legends has not gone as smoothly.

Since its inclusion in the game, players have encountered multiple errors, the most significant being the VAN 84 error, which completely prevents players from connecting to both Valorant and League of Legends.

Vanguard’s VAN 84 Error Explained

The VAN 84 error, attributed to backend connection issues, has been a significant hurdle for players trying to enjoy their favorite games. According to Riot Games’ development team, this error disrupts the connection between the game client and the server, effectively locking players out of the game.

Riot Games has acknowledged the problem through their social media channels and has assured players that they are working on a fix.

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Community Reaction and Criticism

The community’s reaction has been overwhelmingly negative. Many players have taken to forums and social media to express their frustration with Vanguard, describing the software as more of a hindrance than a help.

  • Connection Issues: The primary concern is the inability to connect to the game, as this not only affects individual play sessions but also impacts competitive standings and in-game progression.
  • Perceived Malware: A significant number of users have voiced concerns that Vanguard operates like malware, potentially harming their devices, despite Riot’s assurances to the contrary.

Riot’s Response and Future Plans

In response to the mounting criticism, Riot Games has announced plans to roll out updates to their official servers aimed at resolving the VAN 84 error. They have also promised to remove any bans or restrictions applied to users due to this error. However, Riot has made it clear that any points lost as a result of these disconnections will not be recoverable.

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Final Toughts

To regain the trust and support of its player base, Riot Games must prioritize transparency and effectiveness in their communication and problem-solving strategies. Addressing the technical issues swiftly and ensuring that players are kept in the loop with detailed updates will be crucial.

Additionally, reassessing the implementation and impact of Vanguard could help in developing a more robust and player-friendly anti-cheat solution.

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