Luxury Addition for LOUD: pANcada Returns to Compete in the VCT Americas

Luxury Addition for LOUD: pANcada Returns to Compete in the VCT Americas

13. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Esports organization LOUD has made a significant announcement with the return of Bryan “pANcada” Luna to their VALORANT roster. pANcada’s comeback completes LOUD’s lineup just in time for the upcoming VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) Americas 2024 tournament.

pANcada’s Return to LOUD

After a stint with Sentinels, pANcada rejoins LOUD on June 12, 2024. His previous tenure with LOUD saw him achieve notable successes, including victories at the VALORANT Champions 2022 and various VCT Brazil splits. Now, returning to his roots, pANcada expresses enthusiasm about reuniting with old teammates and forging new memories.

I’m really excited to be back at LOUD, where I have great memories from my first stint with the team,pANcada shared. “I want to create new incredible moments with my teammates and our fans, showcasing everything I’ve learned during my time away.

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Excitement and Expectations

Acknowledging the warm reception from fans and teammates, pANcada expressed confidence in achieving success once again with LOUD. His return marks a strategic move by the organization to strengthen their roster for competitive excellence.

pANcada’s Journey in Esports

pANcada’s journey in VALORANT began with teams like B4 and TERROR.NET before joining Pancada e Amigos. His talent and achievements quickly caught LOUD’s attention, leading to his signing in 2022. After a successful stint, pANcada moved to Sentinels in October 2022, gaining further acclaim in the international esports scene.

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CEO’s Perspective

LOUD CEO Bruno “PH” emphasized pANcada’s integral role within the team, citing his winning mentality and exceptional skill as crucial assets. The decision to bring back pANcada reflects LOUD’s commitment to strategic growth and achieving top-tier results in VALORANT competitions.

We believe pANcada’s return will elevate our performance and energize the team for the challenges ahead,” PH commented.His experience and leadership will be invaluable as we gear up for the next stage of VCT Americas.

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Upcoming Tournament

The VCT Americas continues with its next stage starting on June 22, where LOUD, with pANcada back in the lineup, aims to make a strong impression on the competitive VALORANT circuit.

Stay tuned for updates and highlights as LOUD and pANcada embark on their journey towards the VCT Americas 2024.

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