Overwatch 2 Tanks to Receive Significant Buffs in Midseason Patch

Overwatch 2 Tanks to Receive Significant Buffs in Midseason Patch

3. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Overwatch 2’s tank heroes have faced challenges recently, prompting Blizzard Entertainment to announce substantial changes in the upcoming midseason update for Season 10.

Game director Aaron Keller shared in a new blog post today that in a few weeks, several buffs will be introduced to help tanks endure more hits and remain effective in combat.

Key Buffs for Tanks

The most notable change is a 25 percent damage reduction from headshots for tank passives, aimed at preventing tanks from being quickly burst down in fights. Additionally, knockback resistance will be increased from 30 percent to 40 percent to reduce the impact of crowd control abilities that disrupt tank positioning.

In Overwatch 2, tanks play a crucial role by absorbing damage and enabling their teammates to secure eliminations,” Keller explained. “However, feedback has indicated that tanks can either be taken down too swiftly in battles or become too difficult to eliminate due to displacement abilities.

Global Gameplay Adjustments

Two significant global gameplay changes are also on the horizon. Armor will revert to reducing five damage per projectile and capping at 50 percent, providing tanks with better survivability against incoming damage.

Moreover, all heroes will benefit from an improved health regeneration passive, recovering 10 health plus five percent of their maximum HP per second, which particularly aids tanks with higher health pools.

These adjustments should address some of the challenges faced by tank players and contribute to overall game balance,” noted Keller. “We anticipate significant shifts in the meta for the remainder of Season 10.”

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Individual Tank Changes

Specific tanks will receive targeted adjustments. Junker Queen’s Commanding Shout ability will be buffed, enhancing her effectiveness in battles. Wrecking Ball will also see further slight buffs following a recent rework in Season 10.

Midseason Update Details

The Overwatch 2 midseason update is scheduled for release on May 14, coinciding with buffs for other heroes like Junkrat, Echo, and Hanzo. Players can find more details in Keller’s comprehensive blog post.

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