EA FC 24: Nicolas99 Emerges Victorious in LaLiga FC PRO Final

EA FC 24: Nicolas99 Emerges Victorious in LaLiga FC PRO Final

29. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The RCD Espanyol stadium was the venue for the culmination of the LALIGA FC Pro season. Attendees were treated to a free performance by artist Lit Killah, meet & greets with popular FC PRO 24 content creators, and a day filled with top-tier football.

Nicolas99 emerged victorious once again on a Saturday that showcased his exceptional football skills and strategic prowess. He demonstrated why he is the most prepared national league player to defend his title on the international stage, proving that his success in San Sebastián was no fluke.

Event Highlights

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The day kicked off with a thrilling match between Real Sociedad and Oviedo, setting the stage for an eventful competition. Oviedo, led by Nacho Abella, triumphed in a match that lived up to expectations.

Girona’s Tuga810 demonstrated strength by defeating Granada decisively, while DfernandesCádiz showcased vigor by overpowering Elche with strategic play and ingenuity.

A standout match featured Valladolid’s Neat against Zumaquero’s Racing de Ferrol, with Valladolid coming back from a 0-3 deficit to win 5-4. Yagofawaz’s Betis also started strong, defeating Huesca convincingly.

Sevilla’s Nicolas dominated against Andorra, securing a 6-2 victory. Cádiz and Cartagena engaged in a high-scoring battle that ended with Cádiz emerging victorious, ending Cartagena’s Champions League aspirations.

Semifinals and Final

The semifinals saw Oviedo’s surprising victory over Neat’s Valladolid, followed by Nicolas99‘s dominant performance against DfernandesCádiz. In the final, Sevilla faced Oviedo, with Nicolas99 asserting early dominance and ultimately securing a convincing 7-2 victory.

Nicolas99‘s relentless attacking and solid defense, led by Courtois, showcased his exceptional skill throughout the match. Despite Abella’s efforts to close the gap, Nicolas99‘s strategic play and strong defensive line proved insurmountable.

The final minutes saw Oviedo striving for a comeback, but a crucial error by the Oviedo goalkeeper sealed the victory for Nicolas99, cementing his status as the day’s standout performer.


Nicolas99’s performance in the LaLiga FC PRO Final demonstrated his prowess as a football player, combining attacking flair with defensive resilience to secure a resounding victory.

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