Neon Terrorizes Valorant Community with Ludicrous Buffs in Patch 8.11

Neon Terrorizes Valorant Community with Ludicrous Buffs in Patch 8.11

8. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

With the impending arrival of VALORANT Patch 8.11, players are gearing up for what could be game-changing adjustments for Neon, leaving the community in a state of shock and fear.

Unprecedented Buffs Send Shockwaves Through Valorant

From professional analysts to casual players, the Valorant community has been taken aback by the proposed changes for Neon. Described as “ridiculous” by many, these adjustments are set to transform Neon into a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.


Overwhelming Buffs

The list of buffs for Neon is extensive and, frankly, unprecedented. Among the most notable changes is her ability to move laterally at the same speed as her regular sprint, effectively granting her unparalleled agility. Additionally, she will receive two slide charges, enabling her to execute consecutive slides with seamless precision.

But the enhancements don’t stop there. Neon will now be able to shoot with pinpoint accuracy while sliding, eliminating any movement error typically associated with firing on the move. Furthermore, her re-equip time after a slide will be reduced to a mere 0.2 seconds, allowing her to maintain relentless momentum on the battlefield.

Community Backlash

The Valorant community has erupted with concerns over these buffs, with many fearing that Neon will dominate the meta, particularly in lower to mid-tier Elo. Players worry that her enhanced mobility and accuracy will make her nearly impossible to hit, especially for those with less precise aiming skills.

Some have even likened Neon to a Call of Duty character, highlighting the dissonance between her abilities and the strategic gameplay of Valorant. The prospect of facing off against a hyper-agile Neon has left many feeling frustrated and apprehensive about the future of the game.


Mixed Reactions Among Analysts

While some analysts, like Josh “Sideshow” Wilkinson, express excitement over the potential highlights Neon’s buffs could create, others are more skeptical. Many are already theorycrafting strategies to counter Neon’s newfound speed and agility, with Cypher emerging as a popular choice due to his ability to instantly catch any agent with his tripwires.

Preparing for the Neon Era

As Patch 8.11 approaches, Valorant players are bracing themselves for the impact of Neon’s buffs on the meta. Whether she becomes the dominant force many fear or simply adds a new layer of complexity to the game remains to be seen. One thing is certain: the Neon era is upon us, and players must adapt or be left behind in her wake.

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Key Changes in Patch 8.11:

  • Increased Lateral Movement: Neon can now move laterally at sprint speed, enhancing her agility on the battlefield.
  • Two Slide Charges: Neon gains two slide charges, allowing for consecutive slides with precision.
  • Shooting While Sliding: Neon can now shoot with perfect accuracy while sliding, adding a new level of versatility to her kit.
  • Reduced Re-Equip Time: After a slide, Neon’s re-equip time has been reduced to 0.2 seconds, enabling seamless movement and combat transitions.

VALORANT 8.11 Agent Updates: Shifting the Meta


As Valorant players brace themselves for Patch 8.11, the anticipation and concern surrounding Neon’s buffs are palpable. Whether these changes will usher in a new era dominated by the agile agent or simply add an exciting layer of complexity to the game remains to be seen.

One thing is certain: the community’s reactions reflect the ever-evolving landscape of Valorant, where adaptability and strategy are key to success.