VALORANT 8.11 Agent Updates: Shifting the Meta

VALORANT 8.11 Agent Updates: Shifting the Meta

5. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

VALORANT is set to receive significant Agent updates in patch 8.11, aiming to address the dominance of certain characters like Jett and Raze in the duelist class. The upcoming changes, scheduled for release on June 11, promise to shake up the competitive landscape and offer new opportunities for agent diversity.

The Focus of Agent Updates

The VALORANT team’s primary goal with the 8.11 Agent updates is to provide other duelists with a chance to shine by adjusting the balance of power.

Currently, agents like Jett and Raze exert significant influence in this class, overshadowing alternatives like Neon and Reyna. These updates aim to level the playing field and encourage more varied agent selections in competitive play.

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Upcoming Changes

Here’s a breakdown of the key adjustments coming with the VALORANT 8.11 Agent Updates:


  • ISO receives a series of buffs to address underperformance across all skill brackets.
  • Changes to his signature ability, Double Tap (E), aim to enhance his viability in contested spaces and opening duels.
  • Notable improvements include a shield upon ability activation, kill reset mechanics, and reduced shield penetration penalties.

Valorant Neon


  • Neon’s updates focus on improving her mobility and combat effectiveness.
  • Adjustments to abilities like Fast Lane (C) and High Gear (E) enhance her agility and accuracy, making her a more formidable opponent in mobile engagements.



  • Reyna receives both buffs and nerfs to balance her impact in ranked and coordinated settings.
  • Changes to abilities like Devour (Q) and Dismiss (E) aim to reduce her dominance in ranked play while increasing her value in coordinated team environments.

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  • Raze faces nerfs to her Blast Pack (Q) ability, aimed at providing better counterplay options against her explosive tactics.
  • Modifications to satchel mechanics seek to reduce her overall impact in matches without undermining her role as a disruptor.


  • Clove sees adjustments aimed at toning down their power without sacrificing their controller-leaning capabilities.
  • Changes to abilities like Pick-Me-Up (C) and Not Dead Yet (X) aim to reduce their selfish power while preserving their strategic value in team compositions.

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The VALORANT 8.11 Agent Updates introduce significant changes to the game’s meta, aiming to diversify agent selection and promote balanced gameplay. As players adapt to these adjustments, the competitive landscape is likely to evolve, offering new strategic possibilities and challenges.