MSI 2024: T1 Defeats Team Liquid and Advances to Face G2

MSI 2024: T1 Defeats Team Liquid and Advances to Face G2

15. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

T1, led by Faker, secured a decisive victory against Team Liquid at the MSI 2024, setting the stage for a rematch against G2 Esports in the upcoming rounds.

The League of Legends international championship is nearing its climax, culminating in the Grand Final on May 19. This Wednesday, T1 triumphed over Team Liquid with a 3-1 scoreline, propelling them into the next stage of the Bracket at MSI 2024. The Korean powerhouse will face off against G2 Esports next, while Team Liquid bids farewell to the event.

Match Recap

As the days pass, we edge closer to the conclusion of the Mid Season Invitational in Chengdu. With only a handful of teams remaining out of the original 12 contenders vying for the title, matches are intensifying.

On Tuesday’s matchday, G2 Esports stunned everyone with a commanding 3-0 victory over Top Esports, securing their spot in the subsequent round of the Lower Bracket, where they awaited their next opponent.

That opponent would emerge from the Wednesday clash between Team Liquid and T1. Despite T1’s favoritism, doubts lingered among fans due to their recent performances.

Map 1:

The series kicked off with T1 showing dominance early on, thanks to several key plays by Oner. However, Team Liquid gradually found their footing as the game progressed.

Despite Team Liquid’s resurgence, T1 managed to secure the win after a well-executed play by Zeus that led to the crucial Baron Nashor capture. The first map concluded with T1 taking the victory in 29 minutes.

Map 2:

In the second map, T1 continued their momentum from the first game. They took control of the game and maintained the pressure throughout, culminating in another Baron Nashor capture at the 29-minute mark. Despite Team Liquid’s efforts, T1 secured a convincing victory, putting them ahead 2-0 in the series.

Map 3:

Team Liquid fought back fiercely in the third map, showcasing resilience and determination. Yeon’s exceptional performance on Samira, a champion rarely seen in competitive play, gave Team Liquid the edge they needed. The game extended to 44 minutes, with Team Liquid securing their first victory in the series.

Map 4:

With the series at 2-1 in favor of T1, both teams entered the fourth map with everything on the line. T1 showed their dominance once again, controlling the pace of the game from the start. They secured crucial objectives, including the Elder Dragon, and closed out the series with a decisive victory in just 23 minutes.


Ultimately, T1 faced some challenges but managed to secure a strong victory over Team Liquid to advance in the MSI 2024. Their next match against G2 Esports promises to be an exciting showdown, with G2’s recent impressive performances. To catch this match and the entire tournament live, tune in to LoL Esports.

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