MSI 2024: The Most Popular Champion Has One of the Worst Win Rates

MSI 2024: The Most Popular Champion Has One of the Worst Win Rates

14. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2024, Vi has emerged as the most popular champion despite a surprisingly low win rate.

Vi’s Popularity at MSI 2024

The MSI 2024 has seen a clearly defined meta, with Vi standing out as the champion with the highest presence. According to statistics from, Vi appeared in 48 games throughout the tournament, making her the most picked champion. However, her performance has not matched her popularity.

Analyzing Vi’s Win Rate

Despite her frequent appearances, Vi’s win rate is only 33.3 percent. Out of the 48 games she appeared in, she was banned in 39 games, making it through the ban phase only nine times. In those nine games, she managed to secure a win just three times.

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Why Pros Pick Vi

Vi’s Role in Pro Play: Vi is favored in professional play because she excels in teamfights and doesn’t require a lot of gold to be effective. Her ultimate, Cease and Desist, combined with Vault Breaker, makes her a formidable force in targeting and controlling high-priority enemies.

Key Strengths:

  • Teamfighting Prowess: Vi’s ability to lock down crucial targets with her ultimate makes her invaluable in coordinated teamfights.
  • Mobility and Durability: As a bruiser jungler, she benefits greatly from items that provide damage and sustain, making her a resilient force in the jungle and during ganks.
  • Engage Potential: With her strong engage tools, Vi can initiate fights effectively, setting up her team for successful engagements.

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Vi in Solo Queue

In Solo Queue, particularly in ranks Emerald and above, Vi has a win rate of 49.7 percent. Her pick rate is 6.3 percent, and her ban rate is 2.4 percent, indicating that she is not as dominant in the broader player base as she is in professional play.

Future Balance Changes

Riot Games currently has no plans to buff or nerf Vi in the upcoming Patch 14.10. Her balance status remains stable, and her role as a low-economy champion with strong engage potential keeps her relevant in the pro scene.

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Conclusion: Vi’s Paradox at MSI 2024

Despite her low win rate, Vi’s popularity at MSI 2024 highlights her critical role in professional League of Legends. Her ability to impact games through strong teamfight presence and reliable engage mechanics makes her a staple in pro play, even if her win rate doesn’t always reflect her influence.