MSI 2024 Favorites: Gen.G, BLG, and T1 Lead the Charge

MSI 2024 Favorites: Gen.G, BLG, and T1 Lead the Charge

27. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In the upcoming MSI 2024, several teams emerge as strong contenders to secure the coveted title. Among them, Gen.G stands out as a formidable and well-oiled team with an impressive track record in the competitive League of Legends scene.

Gen.G: The Undisputed Favorite

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Gen.G is more than just a collection of individual talents; it is a meticulously orchestrated symphony where each player plays a crucial role. At the heart of this strategic framework is Chovy, the midlane prodigy known for his ability to challenge even legends like Faker.

Chovy isn’t just an exceptional player; he’s a visionary strategist and a natural leader who has led Gen.G to dominate the Korean league with four consecutive titles in less than six years. With an impressive record of 171 in the last regular season of the LCK, Gen.G is the absolute favorite to claim the crown at MSI 2024.


Bili Bili Gaming (BLG): The Chinese Force

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On the other hand, Bili Bili Gaming (BLG) emerges as another heavyweight contender, backed by their recent victory in the LPL. This team exhibits exceptional collective level and boasts standout individual talents like Knight, supported by a solid botline composed of Elk and ON.

BLG promises to be a formidable opponent in the tournament and will undoubtedly be among the final teams competing for the title.

T1: The Reigning World Champion

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Although T1 enters MSI with some doubts due to their recent performance, this team possesses extensive international experience and the undisputed leadership of Faker, the GOAT of League of Legends.

T1 has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to shine in international tournaments, having won the MSI title twice and crowned world champion four times. Despite facing challenges, T1‘s ability to uphold its legacy and compete globally should never be underestimated.


MSI 2024 promises to be an exciting and fiercely contested tournament, with these top teams ready to challenge and dominate the international League of Legends scene. The battle for the title will be intense, but Gen.G, BLG, and T1 are poised as the primary favorites to achieve glory in this elite competition.


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