MSI 2024: Estral Esports Debuts Against T1 in the Play-In

MSI 2024: Estral Esports Debuts Against T1 in the Play-In

22. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The draw for the MSI 2024 Play-In has been conducted, and Estral Esports is set to make their debut against the legendary T1, featuring Faker.

The Draw and Estral Esports’ Debut

During the LPL finals broadcast, the first phase of the international tournament was defined, with Latin America’s Estral Esports discovering their initial opponent. The draw for the MSI 2024 PlayIn took place on Saturday, revealing that Estral Esports will face off against T1 in their first match.

Tournament Overview

Starting from May 1st, Chengdu, China, will host the MSI 2024 tournament, where 12 teams will compete for glory in League of Legends esports.

Alongside the title, the winning team secures the first spot for Worlds, while the highest-ranking region earns an additional slot for their teams at the World Championship. With this backdrop, the groups for the MSI 2024 Play-In were drawn, with much anticipation surrounding Estral’s participation.

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Estral Esports’ Opponent and Group

Following the conclusion of the LPL finals, the draw revealed that Estral Esports’ first opponent will be none other than T1, led by Faker. Additionally, Estral will share Group A with FlyQuest and PSG, setting the stage for potential matchups in the subsequent rounds.

Group B comprises Top Esports, Fnatic, GAM Esports, and the CBLOL champion, Team LOUD. The format will feature double elimination, with all matches played in a best-of-three format.

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Estral Esports faces a formidable challenge in their debut at MSI 2024 against T1, but they have the opportunity to showcase their talent on the international stage. As the tournament kicks off on May 1st, fans can follow the action closely and witness Estral Esports’ journey at MSI 2024.

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