Mobile Legends New Hero “Chip”: Abilities and Release Date Revealed!

Mobile Legends New Hero “Chip”: Abilities and Release Date Revealed!

8. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Moonton’s popular mobile MOBA, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), is introducing an adorable yet powerful hero named Chip the Phase Technician. Chip brings a new dimension of gameplay with his unique abilities, including global teleportation. Let’s dive into the details of Chip’s skills and when we can expect his arrival in the Land of Dawn!

Chip’s Release Date in Mobile Legends

Moonton has not officially announced Chip’s release date in Mobile Legends. However, leaks suggest that players can anticipate welcoming Chip to the battlefield on March 16th, 2024.

Chip’s Abilities in Mobile Legends

Chip may be small in size, but he rides a massive machine, making him a durable force to be reckoned with. As a support hero with tanking capabilities and crowd control (CC), Chip’s teleportation skills make him an excellent roamer, capable of surprising and catching enemies off guard. Let’s take a closer look at Chip’s abilities:

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Passive: Snack Time!

Chip’s unique passive ability allows him to eat potato chips out of combat. Consuming a whole bag of chips, which consists of 5 bites, enables Chip to regenerate HP. However, there’s a cooldown period of 5 seconds between eating bags of chips. This ability provides Chip with a way to sustain himself during downtime, enhancing his survivability on the battlefield.

Skill 1: Crash Course

In this ability, Chip slams his hovercraft into the ground, dealing Magic Damage based on the target’s Max HP. Additionally, Chip gains a shield upon hitting an enemy hero, and his next Basic Attack becomes ranged, hitting nearby enemies with Chip’s Mark. Detonating the mark deals Magic Damage and briefly stuns each target, offering offensive and defensive capabilities.

Skill 2: Overtime

Chip’s Overtime ability allows him to dash forward for 2 seconds, gradually gaining speed until he reaches 65% extra Movement Speed. He then maintains this maximum speed for 2 seconds. After dashing, his next Basic Attack charges at the enemy, dealing Magic Damage and knocking them back slightly. This skill provides Chip with increased mobility and allows him to engage or disengage from enemies effectively.

Ultimate: Shortcut

Chip’s most exciting ability, Shortcut, is a global teleportation skill. He can drop the Main Portal on an enemy hero, dealing Magic Damage and slowing them. Connecting Portals are created near allied heroes and behind the allied Base, lasting up to 10 seconds. This ability grants offensive and defensive utility during battles, as well as significant Magic Damage to nearby targets after a delay.

Once released, players can acquire the new hero Chip for 32000 gold or 599 Diamonds. Get ready to experience the thrill of dropping portals all over the map with Chip in Mobile Legends!


Chip, the Phase Technician, is set to make a grand entrance into Mobile Legends with his unique abilities and global teleportation skills. As players eagerly await his arrival on March 16th, 2024, they can look forward to experiencing the excitement of playing this adorable yet powerful hero on the battlefield.

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