The Esports Boom in Saudi Arabia: Mobile as a Growth Driver According to ESL FACEIT

The Esports Boom in Saudi Arabia: Mobile as a Growth Driver According to ESL FACEIT

21. February 2024 by Never


Arabia Saudi’s esports landscape is experiencing remarkable growth and diversification, largely propelled by mobile platforms. Fabio Tambosi, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at ESL FACEIT, shed light on this phenomenon in a recent interview, emphasizing the significant role mobile gaming plays in the country.

Mobile Gaming: Catalyst for Growth

With a youthful population deeply intertwined with video games in daily life, Tambosi noted that 93% of Saudis own a mobile phone.

This not only fosters social gaming experiences but also opens avenues for professional esports athletes. The widespread access to mobile gaming has substantially contributed to the surge of esports and competitive gaming in the country, paving a clear path to professional gaming and creating opportunities for a new generation to become professional esports athletes.

Diversity and Inclusion

A key factor in this success is the diversity and representation within the gaming community, with women constituting 48% of Saudi Arabia’s player population.

gamer 8

Tambosi praised events like Gamers8 and the Esports World Cup for fostering innovation and promoting a diverse and inclusive gaming environment.

Future Outlook

Tambosi predicts an increase in collaborations between esports organizations, content creators, and traditional entertainment, fostering innovation in the industry. He also anticipates the localization of game titles to align with the linguistic and cultural preferences of Saudi players, showcasing the industry’s adaptability and cultural richness.


ESL FACEIT, a gaming and esports company acquired by Saudi Arabia’s Savvy Games Group, has recently made headlines for its $4.9 billion acquisition of mobile game developer Scopely. Savvy Games Group, a unit of Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, is committed to furthering the growth and innovation of esports.


 The Rise of Esports in Saudi Arabia

Tambosi’s vision and participation in the Dubai Lynx 2024 Creativity Festival on March 5 underscore the ongoing commitment to growth and innovation in the esports sector, promising a bright future for the industry in Saudi Arabia and beyond.