Milala Clinches TFT Remix Rumble World Championship Title in Back-to-Back Triumph

Milala Clinches TFT Remix Rumble World Championship Title in Back-to-Back Triumph

4. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The pinnacle of competitive Teamfight Tactics arrived with the Set 10 Remix Rumble World Championship, where Milala emerged victorious, solidifying his status as the world champion in TFT.

The Path to Victory

TFT Remix Rumble World Championship standings

North American TFT players harbored aspirations for a second Worlds triumph, and Milala rose to the occasion, showcasing exceptional skill and strategy throughout the tournament. Alongside Degree, Milala advanced to the top eight, setting the stage for a thrilling showdown.


The Global Stage

A diverse array of talent converged at the Remix Rumble World Championship, with players representing regions worldwide. Milala’s journey to the top was marked by fierce competition from veteran players Skipaeus (EMEA) and ICE (China), among others.

Milala World Championship 1

Dominating Performance

Amidst intense competition and strategic gameplay, Milala emerged as a formidable force, navigating through 12 rounds of play to secure a spot in the final Checkmate format. Displaying adaptability and resilience, Milala showcased mastery of the Heartsteel opening line, capitalizing on loss streaks and tactical maneuvers.


Triumphant Conclusion

With unwavering determination and strategic prowess, Milala clinched victory at the TFT Remix Rumble World Championship, etching his name in TFT history as the first player to win two major titles consecutively. His remarkable achievement underscores the depth of talent and dedication within the TFT community.

Making History

Milala’s triumph at the TFT Remix Rumble World Championship reflects the competitive spirit and skillful gameplay that define the world of Teamfight Tactics. As the first player to achieve back-to-back major titles, Milala’s legacy in TFT is secured, inspiring players worldwide to push the boundaries of strategic innovation and mastery.

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