Unveiling TFT’s Newest Champions: Alune and Kobuko

Unveiling TFT’s Newest Champions: Alune and Kobuko

4. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Riot Games continues to innovate Teamfight Tactics (TFT) by introducing two brand-new champions, Alune and Kobuko, who bring fresh dynamics to the game. Unlike traditional TFT champions sourced from League of Legends (LoL), these characters offer a unique twist to the meta and expand the lore of Runeterra.

Alune: The Lunar Visionary


Alune, the twin sister of Aphelios and a pivotal figure in LoL lore as a Lunari member and Moon Seer, makes her debut in TFT. With her Umbral and Invoker traits, Alune wields lunar meteorites and possesses the ability to reduce magic resistance, hinting at potential future developments in LoL.

Her appearance, coupled with a Spirit Blossom-themed skin, adds depth to TFT’s champion roster and sets the stage for intriguing gameplay strategies.

Kobuko: The Jovial Yordle


In a departure from conventional Yordle champions, Kobuko emerges as a unique addition to TFT. Towering in size and exuding joviality, Kobuko’s Fortuna trait rewards players with stat boosts based on their accumulated wealth.

This introduces an innovative mechanic that challenges traditional itemization strategies and opens up new avenues for strategic depth in TFT gameplay.

Exploring the Potential Impact

While Alune and Kobuko are exclusive to TFT and may not find their way into LoL, their introduction showcases Riot Games’ commitment to expanding the lore and character roster across its gaming ecosystem.

The inclusion of characters from alternate sources, such as Arcane, enriches the TFT experience and paves the way for future storytelling opportunities within the broader Runeterra universe.


As TFT’s Set 11 approaches its release on March 20th, anticipation builds around the introduction of Alune and Kobuko, promising exciting gameplay dynamics and strategic possibilities.

Whether players engage with TFT for its competitive edge or its immersive lore, the addition of these never-before-seen champions underscores Riot Games’ dedication to evolving the TFT experience while honoring the rich tapestry of the Runeterra universe.

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