Miami Heretics Stumbles in the Start of Major II in the Call of Duty League

Miami Heretics Stumbles in the Start of Major II in the Call of Duty League

21. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The Call of Duty League has resumed its activities following the conclusion of the first major of the season, but it’s not the comeback Miami Heretics had hoped for. The Spanish-origin team faced a significant setback, suffering two consecutive defeats in their recent matches. Let’s delve into the details of their performance and prospects for the upcoming matches.

Major II Qualifiers Results

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Miami Heretics vs. Toronto Ultra

In their first match, Miami Heretics faced off against the reigning champions of the first major, Toronto Ultra. Despite their best efforts, Miami Heretics struggled to keep up, ultimately conceding victory to Toronto Ultra with a scoreline of 0-3.

Miami Heretics vs. Atlanta FaZe

Their second match proved to be equally challenging as Miami Heretics clashed with Atlanta FaZe, one of the strongest teams in the league. Atlanta FaZe, the runners-up in the Boston LAN event, showcased their dominance once again, defeating Miami Heretics with a score of 3-1.



  • Miami Heretics 0 Toronto Ultra 3
  • Carolina Royal Ravens 2 New York Subliners 3
  • Boston Breach 3 Carolina Royal Ravens 1
  • Atlanta FaZe 3 Miami Heretics 1
  • New York Subliners 3 Seattle Surge 0
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas 1 Vegas Legion 3
  • Toronto Ultra 3 Minnesota R√łkkr 2
  • Los Angeles Thieves 0 Optic Texas 3

Looking Ahead

While the initial matches were undoubtedly tough, there’s still hope for Miami Heretics to bounce back stronger in the upcoming matches. The next opponents, Vegas Legion and Los Angeles Thieves, present an opportunity for Miami Heretics to regroup and showcase their capabilities.


Miami Heretics’ Next Opponents

  • Vegas Legion: Despite a recent victory in the previous match, Vegas Legion remains below Miami Heretics in the overall standings, presenting a favorable matchup for the Spanish squad.
  • Los Angeles Thieves: With a fresh start in mind, Miami Heretics will face off against Los Angeles Thieves, aiming to secure a decisive victory and regain their momentum in the league.


While Miami Heretics faced a challenging start in Major II of the Call of Duty League, there’s optimism for a turnaround in their performance. With determination and strategic adjustments, Miami Heretics aims to bounce back in the upcoming matches and solidify their position in the league standings.

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