Call of Duty’s Potential Arrival on Game Pass: A Game-Changer for Fans

Call of Duty’s Potential Arrival on Game Pass: A Game-Changer for Fans

18. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Exciting news for Call of Duty enthusiasts with Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription: you may soon have the opportunity to enjoy the latest titles without the burden of a premium price tag.

Xbox head Phil Spencer recently confirmed that Activision and Blizzard games will start making their way to Game Pass, kicking off with Diablo 4’s debut on March 28.

This development not only marks a significant milestone but also paves the way for other renowned titles from both Activision and Blizzard Entertainment to become accessible on Xbox consoles and PC through the subscription service.

Opening Doors to New Experiences

In a recent Xbox podcast on February 15, Spencer emphasized their commitment to expanding the availability of Xbox experiences and games to a wider audience. With the inclusion of Diablo 4 in Game Pass, the 34 million members can now immerse themselves in this fantastic experience. This move aligns with Microsoft’s vision of making gaming more accessible to all.

The CoD Conundrum

While the addition of Diablo 4 to Game Pass is indeed a significant step, the question remains regarding the future inclusion of Call of Duty titles. Given that Diablo 4 was initially released in June 2023, the prospect of new CoD releases joining Game Pass on launch day remains uncertain.

Matt Booty, Head of Xbox Game Studios, reiterated their commitment to bringing all their games to Game Pass on day one. However, specific details regarding franchises outside of Microsoft’s in-house studios, such as Activision or Blizzard, are yet to be clarified.


A Strategic Investment

Spencer indirectly addressed the Call of Duty franchise by emphasizing their broader investment strategy aimed at making games accessible across multiple platforms. This approach prioritizes catering to players’ preferences and ensuring that games reach their maximum potential in terms of popularity and reach, regardless of the device.

Xbox Business Update: Unveiling the Future Vision

Looking Ahead

While the prospect of classic Call of Duty titles joining Game Pass is promising, clarity regarding new releases like CoD 2024 and beyond is eagerly awaited. Xbox’s commitment to bringing games to more platforms suggests that fans can expect further developments in the near future.

Stay tuned as Xbox may provide additional updates and clarifications regarding Call of Duty’s potential inclusion on Game Pass, shaping the gaming landscape for fans worldwide.