TFT: Mastering the Competitive Circuit of Americas

TFT: Mastering the Competitive Circuit of Americas

27. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The release of Set 11 in Teamfight Tactics has heralded a complete overhaul of the esports landscape in the Americas region. Now, strategists have the opportunity to compete in a brand-new competitive circuit, filled with more challenges, prizes, and innovative ways of qualification.

It’s time to carve your own legend in the Tales of Ink, just as Relic, Cheche, and CoccaKen did in the Battle Remix story.

Navigating the Competitive Landscape

For those looking to venture into the competitive scene of the Americas, a dedicated website has been launched in collaboration with GGTECH. Here, strategists can register and participate in the Tactician Trials and Tactician’s Cup. This step is crucial on the path to the top.


Registering and Participating

Registering on the Americas website is the first step towards competitive glory. Through this platform, players can sign up for tournaments, access leaderboards, and stay updated on the latest events and announcements.

Qualification via In-Game Ladder

In addition to registering on the Americas website, strategists from Latin America have the opportunity to qualify through the game’s regional ladder. This will be the primary means of access for those seeking to prove their potential by reaching the highest positions in the rankings.

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Three Paths to Qualification

As the set progresses, screenshots of the rankings will be taken, where the top players will have the opportunity to earn their qualification. There are three ways to qualify from the ladder, each with defined dates:

  1. Weekly capture with spots for the Golden Spatula Cup.
  2. One-time capture with spots for the Tactician Trials and Tactician’s Cup.
  3. Pre-registration closure and one-time capture to qualify for the subregional tournament of LATAM (TFT Latam Opens).

TFT LATAM OPEN: Local Competition

To further strengthen the local ecosystem, a new subregional circuit called TFT LATAM Opens has been developed in collaboration with ESL Faceit Group. These tournaments will serve as another pathway to access the Tactician Trials and Tactician’s Cups of Americas, offering cash prizes and an opportunity for the region’s top players.


Sporting Details and Registration

Sporting details and registration information are available on the ESL Portal, along with a support team on their Discord channel for any additional queries.

With all these exciting developments, the continent is ready to embrace the competition of Tales in Ink.

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