TFT Patch 14.6b: Bug Fixes, Mythic Trait Adjustments and Augment Tweaks

TFT Patch 14.6b: Bug Fixes, Mythic Trait Adjustments and Augment Tweaks

26. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

With the release of Teamfight Tactics Set 11, some unforeseen issues and overperforming mechanics have surfaced. To address these concerns, the TFT development team has swiftly implemented Patch 14.6b, focusing on bug fixes, Mythic trait adjustments, and augment tweaks. Let’s delve into the details of this incremental update.

Mythic Trait Nerf


  • Mythic attack damage (AD) and ability power (AP) reduced from 12/22/35/35 to 10/20/32/32

Augment Adjustments


Silver Augments:

  • Sharing is Caring: “Combat start: You gain 2 gold 1 gold and your opponent gains 1 gold”

Gold Augments:

  • Built Different II: “Your units with no traits active gain 250-500 220-480 health and 40-60% 55% attack speed (based on current stage).”
  • Drop Blossom (Neeko “hero” augment): “Gain a Neeko. Your strongest Neeko’s spell Heals 25% 35% more, and slams for 30% 35% increased damage. Each cast increases the spell radius by 1.”
  • Epoch: “Now, and at the start of every stage, gain 6 XP and 3 2 free rerolls for that round only.”
  • Extended Duel: “Your duelists start combat with 3 2 stacks. At max stacks, they gain 10% omnivamp. Gain a Darius and a Yasuo.”
  • Lucky Ricochet: “Trickshots bounce 1 additional time for 50% 40% of original damage.”
  • Three’s a Crowd: “Your team gains 75 66 health for each unique 3-cost champion on your board.”

Prismatic Augments:

  • Accomplice: “Get a Support Thief’s Gloves and 8 gold 4 gold.”
  • Pumping Up III: “Your team gains 12% 10% attack speed now. Each round after, they gain 2% more.”

Bug Fixes

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  • After being CC’d by Udyr’s ability, Irelia will no longer stop attacking
  • Hyper Roll encounters will now happen more often outside of just carousel rounds
  • Units will no longer lose traits when traveling to another player’s board when players have more than one Tactician’s Crown


This b-patch aims to maintain balance and fairness in the TFT meta, addressing issues that have arisen since the release of Set 11. Stay tuned for further updates, and happy climbing on TFT Patch 14.6b!

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