Major Changes in Team Heretics’ LEC Roster: Perkz Out, Trymbi and Zwyroo In

Major Changes in Team Heretics’ LEC Roster: Perkz Out, Trymbi and Zwyroo In

6. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Team Heretics is gearing up for the upcoming LEC season with some significant changes to its League of Legends roster following a disappointing 2024 Winter Split.

Perkz’s Departure and New Additions

In a surprising move, the team’s coaching staff has decided to replace veteran star Perkz from the starting LEC lineup. Taking his place will be Zwyroo, a rookie upstart with high expectations. Additionally, former Fnatic support star Trymbi will be joining the team, replacing Kaiser in the bottom lane.

Reasons Behind the Changes

According to Heretics’ co-founder Arnau Vidal, the decision to part ways with Perkz stemmed from a lack of improvement in the team’s dynamics during scrims leading up to the new split. Despite acknowledging Perkz’s efforts, the management felt it was necessary to shake things up for a fresh start.

The New Lineup’s Potential

Zwyroo enters the lineup with immense pressure, tasked not only with filling the shoes of one of Europe’s best mid laners but also with motivating the rest of the team to reach new heights. Coach Alvar “Araneae” Martín Aleñar has praised Zwyroo’s positive influence on his teammates during practice sessions, highlighting his potential impact on the team’s performance.

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Image via Riot Games.

Trymbi, although taking a season-long break, brings invaluable experience from his time with Rogue and Fnatic, which is expected to provide a leadership boost to the team. With a lineup of veteran players supporting him, Zwyroo faces a daunting challenge in helping Heretics regain momentum for the upcoming LEC season.


As Team Heretics prepares for the Spring Split, the decision to overhaul its roster reflects the organization’s commitment to achieving success in the LEC. With Perkz out and Trymbi and Zwyroo in, the team is poised for a fresh start and eager to prove themselves in the competitive scene.

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