League of Legends: Skarner Rework Abilities and Release Date

League of Legends: Skarner Rework Abilities and Release Date

19. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Riot Games has delivered exciting news to League of Legends players with the unveiling of a highly anticipated rework project. As revealed in the headline, the Skarner rework has finally been unveiled, complete with a scheduled release date on LoL servers.

With significant changes to both his design and skill kit, Skarner’s rework promises to make a splash in the current state of LoL.

Skarner’s Rework: A New Era Begins

After much anticipation, the Skarner rework is set to debut in LoL! Riot Games’ extensive efforts in revamping Skarner have concluded, with the first glimpses now unveiled.

Skarner 2

Skarner’s Story and Abilities

One of the most noticeable changes in the new Skarner is his significant visual transformation. The revamped scorpion has abandoned its crystallized, purple body for a more rocky, grayish appearance.

This is primarily due to a change in Skarner’s backstory with the rework, as mentioned by Lexi Gao, LoL’s lead champion designer. Riot Lexical revealed that the champion now hails from Ixtal instead of Shurima and the Void.

Another intriguing detail is the appearance of two additional stingers behind him. While attention-grabbing from the outset, this will be explained and addressed at the conclusion of his abilities. Let’s delve into the new abilities of Skarner’s rework:


Passive: Vibrant Strands

Skarner emits sand onto his targets upon striking. The third hit on a marked target will explode, dealing additional damage based on maximum health.


Q: Fractured Earth/Uprising

Skarner gathers a rock fragment from the ground, empowering his next 3 attacks. His subsequent attacks will be area-of-effect, with the final one slamming the rock to the ground, dealing significant damage and slowing those hit. Skarner can recast the ability to throw the rock, slowing and damaging enemies hit.

W: Seismic Bulwark

Skarner strikes the ground with all his might, dealing damage around him, slowing enemies, and gaining a shield.

E: Ixtali Hostility

Skarner gains significant movement speed but with limited direction control, attempting to collide with a target. During this time, Skarner will traverse terrain until finding a target. If Skarner reaches a target, he can smash them into a wall to stun them and deal additional damage.

R: Impale

Skarner channels his stingers in a direction. After a brief channel, Skarner captures the first three targets hit in the directed area, suppressing them, dealing damage, and allowing him to drag them around for a few seconds.

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Conclusion and Release Date

As we can see, Skarner can now capture multiple targets with his ultimate. However, his ultimate now requires a cast that can be missed, or enemies can react to it. Simultaneously, the rest of Skarner’s rework ability kit will benefit him in the contemporary LoL landscape.

Mark your calendars for two important dates. The first is March 19, when Skarner and his rework will arrive on LoL’s PBE servers. The official release date of Skarner’s rework on live servers will be April 2.