LoL: Rune System Changes for Patch 14.10

LoL: Rune System Changes for Patch 14.10

3. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

As League of Legends gears up for the second half of Season 14, significant modifications to the rune system are set to reshape gameplay dynamics.

Riot Games is introducing changes to the rune system for Patch 14.10, removing certain runes, introducing new ones, and reworking existing ones to enhance player satisfaction and game integrity.

In a recent development preview, Riot detailed the rune adjustments that will debut at the onset of the season’s second split. These changes aim to address runes that have not resonated well with players or have disrupted the game’s balance.

Rune Adjustments

League of Legends 14.10 Rune changes

Removal of Cadence of War and Predator

  • Cadence of War: This rune provided early game attack speed, causing shifts in itemization dynamics. It will be removed due to its impact on the game’s item system.
  • Predator: Criticized for creating peculiar gameplay patterns, Predator has been consistently nerfed and will now be removed from the rune list for balancing purposes.

Reworks and Replacements

  • Offensive Strategy (Precision Tree):
    • Adjusted to focus on extended combat. Attacking an enemy champion three times in a row will now apply increasing bonus damage until combat ends.
    • Overheal will be replaced by Life Absorption, healing a portion of health upon enemy champion takedown.
  • Life Source (Resolve Tree):
    • Modified to restore own and the lowest-health ally’s health upon impairing enemy movement.

Statistic Modifications

Several runes including Triple Tonic, First Strike, Relentless Hunter, Minion Impact, On the Go, and Blade Rain will undergo statistic adjustments to enhance their effectiveness.

Developer Insight

Riot’s aim with these rune changes is to broaden the scenarios where runes can be effectively utilized and ensure a more satisfying gameplay experience for users.

In addition to the rune system adjustments, Patch 14.10 will also introduce modifications to marksman items, further refining the gameplay landscape for League of Legends.

LoL: Changes to Marksman Items for the Second Split of 2024

Final Toughts

Stay tuned for the official release of Patch 14.10 to experience these exciting rune system updates and gameplay refinements in action!