LoL: Changes to Marksman Items for the Second Split of 2024

LoL: Changes to Marksman Items for the Second Split of 2024

1. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In the upcoming League of Legends Split 2, significant changes are being introduced to marksman items with the release of patch 14.10 on May 15.

This year, Riot Games is organizing LoL’s qualifiers into three splits, gradually implementing gameplay changes. Here’s everything you need to know about the alterations to marksman items for the second split of qualifiers.

Adaptability in League of Legends

Adaptability remains the key to success in League of Legends. As a game that constantly evolves, players must continuously adjust to new updates and strategic discoveries.

Each addition of content and every tweak to existing champions and items open up new tactical possibilities, challenging players to adapt or be left behind. Riot aims to introduce new and engaging gameplay with each qualifier split, allowing players to demonstrate mastery and commitment with each season update.

Overview of Marksman Item Changes

Since the removal of mythic items, the gameplay and builds in LoL have undergone significant changes. Riot took time to observe the early season and gauge player feedback. Surveys revealed that players in the marksman role were particularly dissatisfied with the new item system.

Riot Games opted not to completely overhaul multiple systems but rather focus on adding different statistics. For instance, critical strike chance on items previously set at 20% will now be increased to 25%.

This change facilitates faster scaling and provides more flexibility when constructing a build. Additionally, items will now focus on only two out of three offensive stats: attack damage, attack speed, and critical strike chance. This allows for achieving higher power spikes each time a new legendary item is completed.

The goal of these adjustments is to make combined items feel significantly more powerful on champions, rather than incrementally adding power as the game progresses.

Item Removals for the Second Split

As part of this update, Riot is bidding farewell to items like Kircheis Shard and Stormrazor. Energized effects will now be unique to legendary items. Stormrazor, known for its lightning tactics, was not widely adopted by most players.

New items like Explorer’s Sling, which allows throwing magical stones at opponents, and Spectre Hunter’s Arrows, making critical strikes inflict bleeding on enemies, will take their place.

Impact-based items such as Blade of the Ruined King, Kraken Slayer, and Terminus received adjustments to their stats and recipes, detailed in patch 14.10 release notes.

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The changes to marksman items in the second split of League of Legends qualifiers aim to enhance strategic diversity and streamline itemization, providing players with more impactful choices and power spikes throughout the game.

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