League of Legends: Riot Unleashes New Micropatch for Version 14.3

League of Legends: Riot Unleashes New Micropatch for Version 14.3

16. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Riot Games has rolled out the third micropatch to address the extensive list of issues introduced by version 14.3 to the game’s official servers.

The Challenge of Version 14.3

For the League of Legends community, encountering in-game errors is not uncommon. However, patch 14.3 brought more glitches than anticipated, prompting the developer to deploy multiple updates to rectify them.

Despite these efforts, there are still lingering bugs to be addressed, leading Riot Games to implement a new micropatch just days before the upcoming version.

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Season 14 Dynamics

While Season 14 is only a month old, the update landscape has been quite dynamic. The design team has been hard at work, not only preparing for the next patch but also addressing errors that manifest on the official server. Both versions 14.2 and 14.3 have required the developer’s intervention.

Riot’s Response: Emergency Micropatch

Riot Games has applied a new emergency micropatch to fix the errors introduced by League of Legends Patch 14.3. The design team announced through social media that a hotfix is now live, addressing various bugs. Notably, it resolves the issue with Caitlyn’s passive, Headshot, being involuntarily consumed, preventing the empowered shot.

This marks the third micropatch within Version 14.3, highlighting the magnitude of bugs and meta imbalances it brought. The first focused on balancing Aurelion Sol’s power following early game improvements, while the second concentrated on error corrections.

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Is the Game Balanced Now?

Patch 14.3 also marked the return of the URF game mode, and the community welcomed the arrival of the Manatee in the Rift. However, this addition also triggered a bug directly affecting Kled players. Upon leveling up, the champion lost health points despite not taking damage from enemies.

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