League of Legends: The Champion You Should Play to Climb Elo

League of Legends: The Champion You Should Play to Climb Elo

15. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In League of Legends, with over 160 champions to choose from, there’s always a champion that makes climbing elo easier. Sometimes it’s a new champion with overpowered stats, and other times it’s changes to the game balance that directly benefit a specific champion. Then there’s our protagonist, who fits perfectly into the current meta.

The Crucial Early Game

Maokai 0

The introduction of Void Larvae has completely changed how League of Legends matches are approached. While in previous seasons, Rift Herald provided an easily compensable economic boost, the new neutrals offer a permanent advantage.

Previously, a team needing to stall could avoid fighting in the early minutes of the game by ignoring heralds and even benefiting from the enemy’s rotation to take plates.

In Season 14, thanks to the larvae, the map is balanced regarding the power granted by dragons throughout the game. This favors proactive early-mid game teams as conceding both these and dragon objectives tends to be disastrous. Our protagonist excels at controlling neutral objectives, making him the champion you should play if you want to climb elo.

The Best Champion for Climbing Elo: Maokai Support

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The magical tree who fights against the unnatural horrors of the Shadow Isles fits perfectly into the current meta. Besides being in a good statistical state, the support offers everything you need to set up neutral objectives. Combined with the new support item prices, this allows him to dominate matches at will.

Sapling Toss (E) provides secure vision control of the area, which, combined with Nature’s Grasp (R), makes it difficult for the enemy team to respond. Twisted Advance (W) along with Bramble Smash (Q) results in devastating initiation on a target, posing a significant threat in rotations and skirmishes.

As if all this weren’t enough, he has no weaknesses. He’s safe in lane, versatile, and devastating for the enemy. There’s no doubt that Maokai is the best champion for climbing elo.

If you want to try the champion, we strongly recommend visiting his profile on OP.GG for more information. Learn how to properly build the champion, starting items, skill leveling order, and much more.

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