LoL: Riot Confirms Three International Tournaments for 2025

LoL: Riot Confirms Three International Tournaments for 2025

12. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Starting in 2025, competitive League of Legends will feature a total of three international tournaments. Here are the details about the new event.

After several rumors, Riot Games’ MOBA will extend its calendar with a new competition starting next year. This Tuesday, the company officially revealed that there will be three international LoL tournaments in 2025.

Riot Games’ Big Announcement

On Tuesday, Riot Games dropped several bombshells regarding the competitive scene of League of Legends, creating a massive buzz across social media.

As previously reported, the developer will merge CBLOL, LCS, and LLA into a single interregional league, similar to what will happen with APAC. However, that’s not the only major news of the day, as Riot also unveiled the tournament calendar structure for 2025.


Introduction of a Third International Tournament

Firstly, it’s important to note that Riot will add a third international tournament to accompany MSI and Worlds, thus confirming the rumors. “Players, teams, and fans have been telling us that they want more tournaments featuring the best teams in the world, so we’re glad to have made room in the calendar to add an event,” Riot expressed.

Key Details:

  • Timing: This event will take place after Split 1 of each region, and the champion will qualify for the international phase.
  • Purpose: The results of this tournament will be used to determine the seeds for MSI, but the champion will not secure a direct spot.
  • Format: Both the regional and international phases will use a version of the Fearless Draft. If you’re unfamiliar with the Fearless Draft, check out this link to learn how it works and why it’s important.


A New Era for Competitive LoL

In summary, competitive League of Legends will undergo significant changes in 2025, with all leagues adapting to a three-Split system. The format of this new international tournament will be a Round Robin, where the top 4 teams will pair off in a bracket.

Revolutionizing the Competitive Scene

These changes are expected to revolutionize the competitive landscape of League of Legends. By introducing more international competition and unifying regional leagues, Riot aims to create a more exciting and cohesive global esports environment.

Fans and players alike can look forward to a more dynamic and competitive scene, with more opportunities to see their favorite teams face off against the best in the world.



Riot’s confirmation of three international tournaments in 2025 marks a significant evolution in the competitive League of Legends landscape. This strategic move is set to enhance the excitement and engagement for fans, players, and teams alike.

By integrating new formats and increasing the frequency of international competitions, Riot continues to innovate and elevate the esports experience.

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