Riot Announces Merger of LCS, LLA, and CBLoL into Unified League for Next Season

Riot Announces Merger of LCS, LLA, and CBLoL into Unified League for Next Season

11. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a surprising move, Riot Games has revealed plans to dissolve the LCS (League Championship Series), LLA (Latin America League), and CBLoL (Campeonato Brasileiro de League of Legends) to create a single, unified league for the upcoming season of professional League of Legends.

As the Clausura tournament of the Latin America League kicks off, it marks the final split of the regional competition. Riot Games has officially announced the fusion of North America’s LCS and Brazil’s CBLoL with the LLA, forming a new competitive landscape for League of Legends.

The Future of Competitive League of Legends

Months of speculation have culminated in the fate of the LLA, with the Clausura 2024 tournament set to be its last edition. Riot Games introduced a new tournament format inspired by the Valorant circuit, known as the Liga de las Américas, slated for the following year.

The merger of the LCS, LLA, and CBLoL signals a strategic shift in Riot Games’ approach to the professional scene. Despite the resurgence in viewership for NA and LATAM tournaments, the developer believes that “uniting forces in a new pan-American league will be beneficial for fans, teams, and professionals,” as stated in the official announcement.

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Structure of the Americas League

The newly formed Liga de las Américas will be divided into two conferences: North and South. The North conference will comprise six LCS teams, one LLA team, and one invited team.

Meanwhile, the South conference will consist of six CBLoL representatives, one LLA team, and one promoted organization from the second-tier system, totaling eight teams per conference.

The Americas League will operate across three splits:

  1. Split 1: Teams compete within their respective conferences, with top performers advancing to inter-conference matches. Only one team will qualify for the new world tournament from these matches.
  2. Split 2: The best team from each conference earns a spot at MSI (Mid-Season Invitational), resulting in two representatives from the Americas.
  3. Split 3: The regional championship sends three teams to Worlds, ensuring at least one team from each conference.

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Optimizing the Path to Professional Play

Riot Games aims to leverage the strengths of each region, increase fan engagement, enhance competitive gameplay, and improve international tournament results through this new league structure. The selection process for teams in both conferences will be unveiled at the end of the season.

Undoubtedly, these changes will significantly impact the Latin American professional scene, leading to reduced participation, increased investment expenditure, and a restructuring of the second division to accommodate teams from the LLA. The Clausura tournament of the Latin America League commences on June 11, marking the final split of the local competition.

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The announcement of the merger between LCS, LLA, and CBLoL into a unified league marks a significant shift in the landscape of professional League of Legends.

While Riot Games aims to streamline operations and enhance the competitive experience for players and fans alike, the changes undoubtedly raise questions and concerns within the community.

As the last split of the LLA commences, all eyes will be on the evolution of the new Americas League and its impact on the global esports scene. Stay tuned for further updates as the transition unfolds.