League of Legends: Smolder Nerfs Bury the Dragon as Community Celebrates

League of Legends: Smolder Nerfs Bury the Dragon as Community Celebrates

25. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a welcome turn of events for Smolder critics, recent nerfs have relegated the dragon champion to the bottom of the tier list, making it the worst marksman of patch 14.6.

Patch 14.6 Nerfs

The latest update in League of Legends brought nerfs to several champions that were dominating the meta, with one of the most criticized being the diminutive dragon Smolder. Since its arrival in the Greek pantheon, Smolder has been causing issues, prompting Riot Games to address its power level.

Despite previous attempts to balance the champion, players continued to voice concerns, likening Smolder’s situation to that of Zeri upon release. However, the recent patch finally delivered the necessary adjustments to curb its power.

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Community Celebration

The community is rejoicing as Smolder has become one of the weakest marksmen in the game following the nerfs in patch 14.6 of League of Legends. The dragon’s winrate plummeted from 50.16% in the previous version to 45.9% among players above Emerald rank, placing it at the bottom of tier lists.

Decrease in Popularity

Previously a top pick with a high popularity rate, Smolder was favored by many players for its formidable damage output, which allowed them to climb the ranks in ranked queues. However, its selection rate has also dropped significantly post-nerfs, decreasing from 19% to 10%.

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Competitive Impact

Smolder’s overwhelming power wasn’t limited to regular player matches; it also made a strong showing in professional play. Thanks to its passive abilities, Smolder racked up 24 pentakills throughout competitive play.

Therefore, the nerfs were deemed necessary to restore balance. With these changes, it’s possible that Smolder may fade into obscurity in the League of Legends meta.


In conclusion, the recent nerfs to Smolder have shifted the balance of power in League of Legends, prompting celebration within the community as the dragon champion’s dominance wanes.

As players adapt to the changes brought about by patch 14.6, it’s essential to explore alternative marksmen options and adjust strategies accordingly.

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