League of Legends: Skarner Buffs in Patch 14.8 Cause Concern, Exclusion from MSI

League of Legends: Skarner Buffs in Patch 14.8 Cause Concern, Exclusion from MSI

19. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

League of Legends’ Patch 14.8 introduced significant buffs to Skarner, the scorpion champion, resulting in a surge in his win rate. However, these changes have sparked concern among developers, leading to his exclusion from the upcoming MSI (Mid-Season Invitational) tournament.

Patch 14.8 Buffs and Subsequent Impact

Skarner underwent a rework in Patch 14.7 and has been closely monitored by Riot Games ever since. The buffs implemented in Patch 14.8 led to a noticeable increase in Skarner’s win rate in solo queue. However, this surge in performance has raised eyebrows within the League of Legends community and prompted further adjustments.

Skarner 2

Upcoming Nerfs in Patch 14.9

League content creator Spideraxe uncovered upcoming nerfs for Skarner on the PBE (Public Beta Environment) servers shortly after Patch 14.8 went live. These nerfs target Skarner’s passive, Q, and W abilities, aiming to balance his power level. The reduction in his passive’s health damage, along with adjustments to his Q and W abilities, is expected to address his overperformance in solo queue.

  • Passive: Health damage reduced from 7-12 percent maximum health to 7-10 percent.
  • Q Ability: Health ratio lowered from six to five percent bonus health.
  • W Ability: Base damage reduced from 50-150 to 50-130.

Skarner Base Splash Art 1 1

Concerns and Reaction from Riot Games

Skarner’s remarkable climb in win rate, reaching 52.93 percent in the jungle, has caught the attention of Riot Games. With a ban rate of 26.5 percent and a pick rate of five percent, Skarner’s dominance in Patch 14.8 has prompted swift action from developers.

Riot Games aims to maintain balance and fairness in the game, especially in preparation for competitive events like MSI.

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Exclusion from MSI and Future Outlook

Due to concerns surrounding Skarner’s power level, Riot Games has decided to exclude him from the upcoming MSI tournament. While these changes are subject to adjustment, Patch 14.9 is scheduled for release on May 1, providing an opportunity for further balancing and fine-tuning.