Guide to Playing the New Skarner: Everything You Need to Know

Guide to Playing the New Skarner: Everything You Need to Know

14. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Skarner has landed on the Summoner’s Rift, and many people are unsure how to play him. Here, we explain the fundamental aspects of the champion.

Skarner, the fearsome scorpion of League of Legends, has undergone a rework that has transformed his abilities drastically. Although his essence remains, it’s crucial to understand him thoroughly to master this champion on the Summoner’s Rift. In this guide, we will explore the keys to unleashing the full potential of the new Skarner.

Skill Order

You’ll start with Q for better camp clearing, and it will be the skill you’ll want to max out first, followed by W, and finally E. Prioritize E only for its cooldown reduction, which becomes crucial in the late game but isn’t as important in the early minutes.

Depending on whether you want to gank at level 3, you’ll level up E, or if you aim to clear jungle camps even faster, you’ll put two points into Q.

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On your first back, aim to get Bami’s Cinder to aid in camp damage and contribute to your fights and ganks. Sunfire Aegis will be your first item, accompanied by boots depending on your opponents. Typically, it will be Plated Steelcaps (Armor) or Mercury’s Treads (Magic Resistance).

The second item will depend on what you need. If you need a bit more damage and the enemy team has a lot of AD, go for Iceborn Gauntlet. Conversely, if you require something that grants you defenses against AP damage, Force of Nature will be your best option.

The most important thing to remember is that your role will be that of a tank, and you can play both to initiate fights and to disengage, even though you’re not very good at the latter.

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Tips for Skarner in the Jungle

  • Try to get deep vision. This will allow you to surprise the enemy jungler through walls and also make ganks from behind when enemies are pushed forward.
  • Use your two auto-attacks before launching the Q stone. If you reuse Q before basic attacks, you’ll lose a lot of damage.
  • Look for flanks to disrupt your opponents’ composition in team fights. With the E + R combo, you can reposition enemies and put them in check.

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Final Toughts

With these insights into Skarner’s gameplay, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the challenges of the jungle and dominate your opponents on the Rift. Happy hunting!