League of Legends Mastery System: Backlash and Community Discord

League of Legends Mastery System: Backlash and Community Discord

25. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Since the release of Patch 14.10 in League of Legends, a wave of discontent has swept through the player community, centered around the significant overhaul to the Mastery system.

Riot Games’ attempt to refresh the game experience has instead ignited a firestorm of criticism, with players voicing their dissatisfaction over what they perceive as a more demanding and grind-heavy progression system.

The New Mastery System

The core of the issue lies in the revamped Mastery system, which, while making it less tedious to reach Mastery Level 5, significantly increases the grind required to progress beyond this point.

This shift has transformed the Mastery system from a moderately rewarding aspect of gameplay to a laborious grind, leaving many players feeling disillusioned with the direction Riot has taken.

League of Legends nuevo sistema de maestrias

Community Backlash

The League of Legends subreddit has been inundated with complaints since the rollout of Patch 14.10, with numerous users expressing frustration at the perceived flaws in Riot’s approach. One notable thread highlights the stark contrast in the amount of effort required to achieve higher Mastery levels under the new system:

  • Previously, reaching Mastery Level 7 required around 30,000 Mastery points.
  • Under the new system, a minimum of 86,000 points is needed to attain this level.
  • To reach Mastery Level 10 for all champions, an astronomical 14.5 million points are required.



Issues with the System

A major point of contention is the reset of Mastery marks needed to progress from Levels 7 to 10 with each split, adding further frustration for completionist players. According to calculations by a Reddit user, approximately 1125 games per year are necessary to unlock all reward chests.

Additionally, Riot has removed the ability to showcase Champion Mastery to other players, effectively limiting players’ ability to flaunt their achievements beyond the in-game medal.

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The contentious changes to the League of Legends Mastery system have left many players dissatisfied, with the community vocalizing its discontent through various channels.

While Riot Games may have intended to refresh the gameplay experience, the backlash suggests that the new system falls short of players’ expectations. As the community continues to voice its concerns, it remains to be seen whether Riot will heed their feedback and implement adjustments to address the widespread dissatisfaction.

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