LoL: Faker Enters the Hall of Legends – Dates, Skins, and Event Details

LoL: Faker Enters the Hall of Legends – Dates, Skins, and Event Details

23. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Faker, the legendary League of Legends player, is now officially the first inductee into the Hall of Legends. Riot Games has planned an extensive in-game event to celebrate this historic moment.

Introduction to the Hall of Legends

On January 15, Riot Games introduced the “Hall of Legends,” a Hall of Fame designed to honor the most outstanding players in League of Legends history. The entire LoL community had little doubt about who should be the first inductee: Faker, the Demon King himself.

After weeks of speculation, Riot has confirmed Faker’s induction, and they’ve planned several exciting features to commemorate this achievement.

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Special Event and Skins

Riot Games has planned a comprehensive event to celebrate Faker’s induction. Scheduled to be revealed on June 14, this event will include two special skins for Faker’s signature champions: Ahri and LeBlanc. These skins will not only honor his exceptional skill but also his influence on the game and its community.

In addition to these skins, players can look forward to a Hall of Legends Event Pass. This pass will guide players through key moments of Faker’s career, offering exclusive content such as cosmetics, collectibles, and themed skins. The event aims to provide a deep dive into Faker’s journey, celebrating his legacy in the League of Legends universe.


Exclusive Rewards

As part of the celebration, Faker will receive a custom Mercedes-AMG SL 63, courtesy of Mercedes-Benz, recognizing his impact not just in the game but also in the broader esports landscape. This gesture highlights the significance of Faker’s contribution to esports and his status as a global icon.

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Event Format and Prize Pool

The Hall of Legends event will feature various competitive formats, allowing players to compete and earn unique rewards. Riot Games will release more details about the event format, prize pool, and how players can participate in the coming weeks.

This structure ensures that both casual and competitive players can engage in the celebration and earn exclusive rewards.


Faker’s induction into the Hall of Legends marks a monumental moment in League of Legends history. Riot Games has planned an elaborate celebration to honor his legacy, including special skins, an event pass, and exclusive rewards.

As the event draws closer, more details will be revealed, ensuring that fans can fully participate in this historic occasion.

Stay tuned for more updates, and prepare to celebrate the career of the greatest player in League of Legends history. Join the Hall of Legends event to honor Faker and enjoy the exclusive content crafted for this once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

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