New Home for LCS: The Tournament Will Take Place at the YouTube Theater With Seating for 5,000 Spectators

New Home for LCS: The Tournament Will Take Place at the YouTube Theater With Seating for 5,000 Spectators

19. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

League of Legends fans in North America now have a definitive location for the 2024 LCS Championship. Riot Games has confirmed that the event will take place at the YouTube Theater in Los Angeles, California, from September 6 to 7.

This venue, known for its capacity of 6,000 seats, will host the region’s top teams as they compete for the Summer Split trophy.

Venue and Event Details

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The YouTube Theater, located in Los Angeles, will be the stage for the LCS Summer Split finals for the first time. Previously, the LCS finals have been held in various locations in Los Angeles, including the Riot Games Arena, which hosted the Spring Split finals earlier this year in a more intimate setting with 300 seats.

Riot Games aims to fill at least 5,000 of the available 6,000 seats for the 2024 LCS Championship. To facilitate ticket sales, Riot is partnering with Mastercard to offer a 24-hour presale exclusively for Mastercard holders. The presale starts at 12pm CT on Thursday, June 27. Tickets will then be available to the general public starting at 12pm CT on Friday, June 28.

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Future Changes in League Esports

This championship could mark a significant transition for the LCS as Riot Games plans substantial changes to the League esports landscape in 2025. One of the major announcements includes the merger of the LCS with the CBLoL (Brazil) and the LLA (Latin America) to form the Americas League.

This new league structure will divide the region into two conferences, with the North Conference comprising six LCS teams, one LLA team, and a team from NorthAmerica’stier-two scene.While the LCS brand may evolve to align with the new Americas League, Riot Games has not yet finalized these details.

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The 2024 LCS Championship at the YouTube Theater signifies a pivotal moment for North American League of Legends esports. With a venue capable of accommodating 6,000 fans, this event promises to deliver intense competition and excitement.

Fans eager to attend can mark their calendars for the ticket presale and stay tuned for updates on Riot Games’ plans for the future of the LCS.

Stay informed about the latest developments in League of Legends esports as Riot Games continues to shape the competitive landscape heading into 2025.

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