Brazilian Community Rejects Merger of LLA and LCS with CBLoL

Brazilian Community Rejects Merger of LLA and LCS with CBLoL

15. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The Brazilian community of League of Legends (LoL) fans is voicing strong opposition to the announced merger of the CBLoL (Campeonato Brasileiro de League of Legends) with the LLA (Liga Latinoamérica) and LCS (League Championship Series).

This controversial move by Riot Games aims to create a unified tournament for the entire continent, but it has sparked significant backlash among Brazilian fans who feel their beloved local league is being sacrificed.

Riot Games’ Controversial Decision

Riot Games recently confirmed the elimination of the North American LCS, Latin American LLA, and Brazilian CBLoL. In their place, a new tournament will encompass teams from all over the Americas, divided into two conferences.

Despite preserving much of the Brazilian league’s structure, the decision has been met with fierce resistance from the CBLoL community.


Community Backlash: Concerns Over Local Sacrifice

Brazilian fans argue that Riot is sacrificing their thriving local league to prop up the struggling North American LCS. The LCS has seen a decline in viewership over recent seasons, whereas CBLoL has maintained strong audience numbers.

This perceived disparity has led to accusations that Riot’s decision is more about saving the LCS at the expense of CBLoL.

Social Media Outcry

The backlash has been particularly intense on social media, where fans have expressed their displeasure with the merger. They believe that the move unjustly punishes them for their loyalty and success in supporting CBLoL, which has grown significantly in viewership and engagement.

The reduction in local teams and increased difficulty in qualifying for international tournaments are major points of contention.

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Fears of Losing Local Teams

Many Brazilian fans fear losing their local teams. Even the lower-ranked teams have dedicated followings, and fans worry that these teams might be pushed out of top-level competition. This potential reduction in local representation is seen as a significant loss for the community.

Campaign Against the Merger

In response to the merger, the Brazilian community has launched a campaign specifically targeting the LCS. They argue that the creation of the new “Liga Américas” is primarily to salvage the North American league, which has been struggling for relevance and viewership.

This campaign underscores the deep-seated frustrations among Brazilian fans, who feel their competitive scene is being compromised for the benefit of another region.

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New Structure: Liga Américas Southern Conference

Starting next competitive year, CBLoL will transition to the Liga Américas Southern Conference. This new structure includes:

  • 6 Brazilian teams
  • 1 team from LLA (LAS)
  • 1 invited team from either CBLoL Academy or Liga Regional Sur

While this structure aims to maintain a Brazilian presence, fans remain skeptical and concerned about the long-term implications.

Key Changes and Challenges

  1. Reduction in Local Teams: Fewer Brazilian teams mean less local representation.
  2. Increased Competition: More difficult pathway to international tournaments.
  3. Potential Loss of Identity: Integration with other regions might dilute the unique identity of CBLoL.

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Final Toughts

In conclusion, the merger of CBLoL with LLA and LCS into the Liga Américas Conferencia Sur has sparked significant controversy within the Brazilian League of Legends community.

Fans feel that Riot Games is prioritizing the failing North American scene over their thriving local league. As this situation evolves, it will be essential for Riot to engage with the community, address their concerns, and ensure that the integrity and identity of CBLoL are preserved.