Persistent DDoS Attacks: A Constant Menace for LCK Spring Tournament

Persistent DDoS Attacks: A Constant Menace for LCK Spring Tournament

5. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The secretary general of the LCK remains resolute against suspending the Spring tournament, but the unrelenting DDoS attacks cast a shadow of uncertainty.

Unprecedented Disruptions on February 25th

In a shocking turn of events on February 25th, the LCK match day witnessed significant delays and the unfortunate postponement of some eagerly anticipated matches. The root cause? DDoS attacks, disrupting the normal flow of competitive gameplay.

Impact on Teams and Fans

  • Teams: The abrupt shifts in schedule affected the teams’ preparation and focus, undermining their ability to perform at their best.
  • Fans: The essence of live competition was compromised, leaving fans disappointed and questioning the integrity of the tournament.

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The Response: Private Matches and Pre-recorded Broadcasts

In response to the escalating DDoS attacks, the league decided to transition to private matches held between the teams. These matches were then meticulously pre-recorded, ensuring a more controlled environment for the competition.

Secretary General’s Apology and Acknowledgment

Aiden Lee, the secretary general of the LCK, publicly apologized to the loyal fan base. He candidly acknowledged that the league’s operational response fell short of expectations given the magnitude of the disruptions caused by the DDoS attacks.

The Path Forward: Defense and Collaboration

In the face of persistent threats, the LCK is actively formulating a comprehensive plan to defend against DDoS attacks. This strategic initiative aims to restore normalcy to match schedules and broadcast patterns.

Week 7 Transition: Pre-recorded Matches Persist

Commencing from week 7 on March 6th with the series between BRION and DRX, the LCK is set to revert to its regular schedule. However, matches will continue to be pre-recorded as part of the ongoing efforts to curb the impact of DDoS attacks.

LCK Cancels Live Broadcasts and Shifts to Delayed Matches Due to DDoS Attacks

Collaborative Efforts with Riot Games

Recognizing the severity of the situation, the LCK is collaborating closely with Riot Games’ global teams. Additionally, the league is engaging with relevant departments and law enforcement agencies to identify and apprehend the perpetrators behind these disruptive attacks.

Upholding Competitive Integrity Amid Challenges

As the LCK navigates the turbulent waters of persistent DDoS attacks, the decision to refrain from tournament suspension offers a glimmer of hope. However, the esports community, fans, and stakeholders must remain vigilant and collaborative to ensure the continued success and integrity of the league.