LCK Cancels Live Broadcasts and Shifts to Delayed Matches Due to DDoS Attacks

LCK Cancels Live Broadcasts and Shifts to Delayed Matches Due to DDoS Attacks

29. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a bold move to uphold the competitive integrity of the league amidst relentless cyber threats, the LCK has made a tough decision.

Upholding Competitive Integrity Amidst Cyber Threats

The League of Legends community in South Korea and LCK enthusiasts find themselves amidst challenging times. One of the world’s most prestigious competitions is under siege by cyber attackers.

Following a series of disruptive cyber attacks targeting teams like DK, DRX, and Faker’s T1, the LCK has made an unprecedented decision. Indefinitely canceling live broadcasts, the league will now record matches for delayed viewing, with ticket refunds issued for February 29 and March 1 matches.

Commitment to Restoration and Transparency

The LCK assures fans of their commitment to restoring live broadcasts and promises to communicate any updates through their social media channels. Their dedication to transparency is evident as they acknowledge the inconvenience caused and express regret for the disruption.

Persistence of Cyber Threats

The persistent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on South Korea’s macroserver since early December have crippled the league’s operations. These attacks, orchestrated by hackers, have successfully brought the LCK to its knees on multiple occasions.

A Turning Point for League of Legends

This marks the first major scandal involving such extensive hacking in League of Legends history. It is hoped that this incident does not signal the beginning of a concerning trend. At present, leagues like the LEC and LPL remain unaffected by similar threats, offering a glimmer of hope amidst the chaos.

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The LCK’s decision to cancel live broadcasts in response to DDoS attacks underscores the severity of cybersecurity threats facing esports leagues worldwide.

As the community stands united in navigating these challenges, the hope remains that swift action and proactive measures will ensure the safe and uninterrupted continuation of competitive gaming.