Keria is Otherworldly: Support Dealing More Damage Than LCK Junglers

Keria is Otherworldly: Support Dealing More Damage Than LCK Junglers

28. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

T1’s support player is currently the best in the world in his position, showcasing his prowess in every LCK match, not only fulfilling his role but also shattering a key statistic in League of Legends.

The Evolution of Support Role

For years, there’s been a belief in League of Legends surrounding supports, viewing it as a secondary role with minimal direct impact on matches, merely serving to complement the ADC.

While some assertions hold true, in recent years, the competitive scene of League of Legends has proven to the broader community that the support role may arguably be the most crucial in a team from draft phase to game’s end.

A skilled support can change the course of a match, carrying you if you’re an ADC, securing map control with vision, and facilitating team fights with their support. But when your team includes Keria, the best support on the planet, life becomes easier.

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Keria’s Unparalleled Performance

In an intriguing Reddit thread, it was revealed that Keria possesses a unique trait in the LCK that partly contributes to T1’s leadership in the competition with only one loss against their nemesis, Gen.G.

Extraordinary Damage Output

The young T1 support player is not only the highest damage-dealing player in his position throughout the LCK but also surpasses all junglers in this statistic. In the 23 matches Keria has played in the LCK, he has averaged 10,800 damage, whereas Oner, T1’s jungler, has only managed an average of 8100, about 3000 less than Keria.


The Key to Keria’s Dominance

The secret lies in the champion styles he plays and his synergy with Gumayusi. Keria has competed in the LCK with 14 different champions in 23 matches, with Senna, Neeko, and Ashe being the ones with which he deals the most damage.

On the other hand, champions like Milio, Bard, and Alistar contribute less to his damage output, significantly lowering his damage average. However, with champions like Tahm Kench, Ezreal, Lux, Ashe, Neeko, and Senna, he surpasses the 10,000 damage mark on average.

Comparison with Peers

The closest support player in the LCK in terms of damage output is BeryL with an average of 8000, while the jungler with the highest average is Cuzz with 10,300, slightly less than Keria overall.

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T1 boasts one of the best rosters on the planet (arguably the best), and they still hold the title of world champions in 2023, something they can retain if they maintain this god-like level of performance.