Twisted Fate Excels in Three Roles in LoL with New AD-Focused Builds

Twisted Fate Excels in Three Roles in LoL with New AD-Focused Builds

27. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Riot Games has breathed new life into Twisted Fate with a series of adjustments, propelling this versatile champion to the forefront of the League of Legends meta.

Previously confined to niche usage by professional players and one-tricks, Twisted Fate now boasts dominance in not just the mid lane, but also the top and bot lanes, thanks to innovative AD-focused builds.

AD-Centric Buffs Transform Twisted Fate

In Patch 14.2, Riot Games introduced game-changing AD-centric buffs to Twisted Fate, empowering the champion with alternative build paths and playstyles.

These adjustments have revolutionized Twisted Fate’s identity, enabling him to excel in diverse roles while dealing hybrid damage with auto attacks, accompanied by crowd control and unparalleled map mobility.

TwistedFate 0 2

Nerfs Fail to Deter Twisted Fate’s Dominance

Despite receiving nerfs in Patch 14.4, particularly to the bonus AP ratios on his W and E abilities, Twisted Fate’s presence in three distinct roles remains largely unaffected. His versatility allows him to adapt to different lanes, seamlessly transitioning between AD and AP builds in the mid lane, and thriving as a pseudo-ADC in the top and bot lanes.

Hybrid Itemization Propels Success

In the top and bot lanes, Twisted Fate adopts a playstyle akin to traditional marksmen, utilizing items like Kraken Slayer, Statikk Shiv, and Rapid Firecannon to enhance the damage and speed of his auto attacks.

With a win rate hovering around 54 percent in both lanes and 51 percent in the mid lane, according to OP.GG, Twisted Fate’s AD-centric builds continue to yield remarkable success.

twisted fate space groove 762x

Professional Play and Future Outlook

Twisted Fate’s resurgence extends beyond solo queue, as he emerges as a potent flex pick in professional play across all levels internationally. Despite recent nerfs, Twisted Fate’s win rates remain consistent, prompting discussions about potential hotfixes or further changes in upcoming patches.


The dynamic performance of Twisted Fate underscores Riot Games’ commitment to champion diversity and evolving gameplay within the League of Legends ecosystem. As players continue to explore innovative strategies and adapt to the ever-changing meta, Twisted Fate stands as a testament to the game’s depth and complexity.

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